The Good Sister
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1.   What were your initial impression of the relationship between Fern and Rose?

2.   We read the story from Fern’s first person perspective and also the diary entires of Rose. Why do you think the author told the story in this way?

3.   What was behind Fern’s decision to have a baby for Rose?

4.   Fern considers Rose her “person.” Let’s talk about why Fern was so reliant on Rose.

5.   Fern is on the autistic spectrum and deals with sensory issues while Rose has type 1 diabetes and appears unable to have a baby. But we later learn that Rose appears to suffer from a narcissistic disorder. How did Rose use Fern’s condition to manipulate and control her?

6.   Fern meets Rocco, who she nicknames Wally, at the library. What did you think about their relationship and romance?

7.   Did you start to have suspicions about Rose? Or were you surprised at the reveal that she wasn’t who she seemed?

8.   When did Fern realize she didn’t want to give up her baby to Rose?

9.   The sisters share a dark past. Fern inadvertently killed her mother’s boyfriend’s son. But we later learn that Rose had a big hand in his death. Were you surprised by this? Why do you think the police decided not to investigate it?

10.  What did you think about the ending? What happens next for Fern and Wally? Will Fern talk to Rose again?

11.  Who is ‘the good sister’ in this story?


* Some questions from Book Club Chat.

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