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·        1. When you read a murder mystery, do you try to solve the mystery as you read the story?

·        2. We read the perspectives of Aoife, Hannah, Jules, Johnno, Olivia and a little with Will. It also jumps back and forth between the present and the events leading up to the murder. What did you think about reading all those different perspectives? Which character were you most engaged with? Which one the least?

·        3. Let’s first start with Jules. Why was she so eager to marry Will despite not knowing him for very long? Why did you think she chose to ignore the letter that said not to marry him?

·        4. We have Olivia who is depressed and pretty haunted. When she’s describing Steven and what happened, did you suspect it was Will or were you surprised at that reveal? Do you think she’ll ever tell Jules about what really happened with him?

·        5. What did you think about Hannah’s storyline? She’s horrified to find out that Charlie and Jules slept together after the birth of their child. Do you think Hannah will leave Charlie or will they stay together?

·        6. Johnno is distraught when he finds out that Will sabotaged his chance of being on the show. Let’s talk about how that reveal caused him to finally confront Will about their coverup.

·        7. A fellow classmate named Darcey at the boarding school died after Will and Johnno tied him up and left him behind with no way to escape. Johnno is traumatized and feels guilty while Will takes no responsibility and tries to say it was an accident. Let’s talk about our thoughts as we read this. What does this say about Will how he always thought he was going to get away with everything?

·        8. But that’s not the only person Will harmed. He did an act of revenge porn on Hannah’s sister and she eventually killed herself. Let’s talk about this reveal.

·       9. Did you think it was interesting that Will was so involved with all those horrible actions that impacted so many of the characters? Or did you think it was a little much?

·        10. What did you think about the reveal that Aoife is the sister of Darcey? What did you think about her reasons for having their wedding at the island? Were you surprised that she ends up being the one to murder Will?

·        11. Let’s talk about Johnno taking the blame for Will’s murder despite being innocent. Do you think the truth will ever come out about Aoife?

·       Were you satisfied by the end?


* Some questions from Book Club Chat.

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