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  1. Roy was convinced Ellen was just another big-city lawyer who’d made the world into a place where no one accepts responsibility for their own actions anymore. That it’s always somebody else’s fault, and that she was going to sue him. What misunderstanding led him to think this about her?
  2. In the upstairs room of Gran’s old home in Beacon, somebody had put drywall over the plaster on the walls. What did it uncover in the old house? Why might someone have covered up something so beautiful?
  3. Ellen chose to stay longer in Maine because she had "uncovered a window into my grandmother’s life." What were some of the secrets she uncovered, and why do you think her grandmother lived her whole life this way?
  4. Gran taught Ellen that in photography, "the most important thing of all is composition—what your eye chooses to photograph. What stays in, what goes out." Did Ellen believe she was right? Why?
  5. What other hobby did Ellen have that she’d never shared with her family or her granddaughter? Why do you think she gave it up? Was photography perhaps another way of keeping that passion alive for her, as an outlet for her creative side?
  6. Gran told Ellen that "there are so many different ways to look at the same thing." Was she only speaking of photography, or might she have been speaking about other things as well?
  7. What was the painting of that won Ruth Goddard first place at the Beacon Festival of the Arts in 1950? Why might she have chosen that place as her subject? Why did it come to mean so much to Ellen?
  8. Ellen wondered if "you could ever really get your true home out of your system." What places were in Ellen’s system, or Gran’s, or Roy’s? What makes each of us so attached to a certain childhood home, or the home of a grandparent?
  9. Why didn’t Sugar want Ellen to have the paintings done by Ellen’s grandmother? What did Hayden do about it?
  10. What miniature item did Roy make for Ellen, and what was its significance?

* Some questions from Owlcation.

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