The Lies I Tell
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1. One of the most powerful tools in Meg's arsenal is a familiarity with social media. What do you think she could learn about you from your online presence?

2. Since they both know the other woman is lying about her identity, Meg and Kat also know they shouldn't trust each other. How does their friendship grow despite this?

3. Discuss the role of ego in Meg's cons. How do her targets create openings for her with their own bad behavior?

4. At first, Kat blames Meg for what happened with Nate. When do you think she stopped feeling that way?

5. The greatest downside of Meg's career is the loneliness. Do you think she could have kept in touch with her friends when she started scamming Cory? How would you feel in her position, moving cross-country every few years and not making any permanent connections?

6. Meg believes that scamming Phillip to return Celia's cottage was a turning point in her career. How was that job different from the others she had run?

7. Why does it take Kat so long to recognize that Scott has relapsed? Where would you draw the line between supporting a partner who is trying to overcome an addiction and protecting yourself?

8. Kat doesn't trust that Scott will be investigated by his colleagues. Is there incentive for police departments to investigate their officers and detectives? What motivations do they have to sweep corruption and violence under the rug?

9. Meg posits, "The difference between justice and revenge comes down to who's telling the story." What does she mean, and do you agree with her?

10. What's next for Kat and Meg? Do you think Kat will succeed in her new quest? Will Meg really retire from cons?

* Some questions from Reading Group Guides.



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