The Lost Apothecary
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1.   Nella writes down the names of the women to remember their place in history. Over and over, the importance of remembering the lives of women that history will forget is reiterated. Yet, at the end of the book Caroline chooses to keep Eliza’s story to herself rather than sharing it. How did you feel about this?

2.   Nella uses her tinctures to help women in trouble, but she’s surprised when Lady Clarence wants help. Why do you think that is? What reasons would prevent an upper class woman from using an apothecary like Nella?

3.   Caroline comes to London defeated and looking for clarity. She finds something she doesn’t expect, both literally and figuratively. Have you ever found a historical artifact that led you to a discovery or ignited a new passion?

4.   What did you think of Nella? Was she an advocate for women or a murderer? Is there ever a time when the lines are blurred?

5.   How did you feel about James? Why do you think it took Caroline ten years to see his true character? Do you think they get back together?

6.   Caroline has a full itinerary when she arrives in London, but she decides instead to detour to an unexpected activity. Do you think vacation should be scheduled or open to whatever experiences arise? If time allows, share one of your unexpected vacation adventures that turned out to be a favorite.

7.   What did you think of Eliza? Did you think she was a foolish child or someone who knew what she wanted?

8.   What do you think happened after Nella drank Eliza’s magick potion?

9.   Caroline and Gaynor are both fascinated with the everyday happenings and people of history. Do you gravitate towards wanting to know more about ordinary historical lives or the “great” men and women of the past? Why?

10.                Discuss the structure of the book. Did you like the dual timeline? The length? Was there anything that pleasantly surprised you?


     * Some questions from Book Club Bites

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