The Perfect Girlfriend
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·       Let’s talk about the prologue, which is set in the year 2000 and is the tragic day when Juliette’s little brother dies. How did that set the stage for what was to come?

·       Juliette has one goal: to get Nate back. Why was it important for her to join the same airline that he worked at?

·       Let’s talk about Juliette breaking into Nate’s apartment and leaving behind food and wine. Do you think he ever noticed that someone was there?

·       Let’s dive into Juliette’s obsession with Nate. Were you surprised when he turned out to be the guy she slept with at 15? Why do you think she was so fixated on him after that? How did it further traumatize her in some ways?

·       Bella’s bullying of Juliette also had a long-term impact on her. We also learn that she had a cold relationship with her mother. What do you think the author was trying to say by including so much of her backstory? Do you believe the past events helped turn Juliette into what she was?

·       The story is told from Juliette’s perspective, did you like that style?

·       The Vegas section is pretty wild. Were you surprised that Juliette was able to pull off the wedding?

·       What was Juliette’s goal of sleeping with Bella’s fiancé, Miles? Do you think Bella will ever find out the truth?

·       Let’s discuss all the shocking behavior Juliette exhibited. What was the most surprising to you? Did you ever think she would let up?

·       Now let’s talk that ending! Will Nate ever be able to be free of her? What happens next for Juliette?

·       Who would you cast to start in a movie or TV version of this book?


* Some questions from Book Club Chat


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