The Stranger Diaries
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1.   1. The loathly lady is a “a common character in Gothic ghost stories” who is typically “a beautiful woman who becomes a hideous hag, or vice versa.” To whom was Clare a detectable or loathly lady? Were there any other loathly ladies in this story? Do you remember famous ones from any other novels?

2.   2. How was Clare obsessed with keeping a diary? To what did it lead? Was she therefore to blame?

3.   3. “The killer got up close...that implies passion was involved.” How did passion play a role? How did that fact help the detectives find the killer and rule out it being a stranger (remember “distanciation”)?

4.   4. Did Harbinder “have it in” for Clare? What makes you think so?

5.   How did Harbinder end up living at home? What were the pros and cons of it, especially regarding the case and an old boyfriend?

6.   5. In the Gothic tradition, “things happen in threes.” Did any in the story The Stranger, or in this novel? If you’ve read any of the Gothic novels mentioned (or any that weren’t) can you think of any other examples of threes?

7.   6. Though she isn’t as big a readers as Clare, why did she still hate the new library at the school full of “ plastic sofas and carousels and paperbacks in protective covers”? What type of library do you think she preferred? What’s your preference?

8.   7. What did Gary and Harbinder see at the school?

9.   8. Why did Clare write in a diary? What messages were left for her in it?

10.                What role did Miss Hughes play in Georgia and Patrick’s lives?

11.                Why was Simon attacked?

12.                Who was Mariana?


* Some questions from Owlcation.

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