Thunder Bay
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1. What are the book’s main themes?

2. What were the biggest unexpected twists in the story?

3. If you have read other Cork O’Connor novels, talk about how the character has developed throughout the series. What do you find most interesting or different about Cork in Thunder Bay?

4. Identify the book’s various love stories. What similarities exist among these stories?

5. This is the first time the author has written a Cork O’Connor novel in first-person voice. How does this contribute to the telling of the story, and why do you think the author chose first-person voice for this particular novel?

6. What conflicts does Cork experience? Which are resolved by the end of Thunder Bay?

7. Describe Cork and Henry’s relationship. How have Henry’s relationships with non-natives shaped who he is?

8. What are the story’s messages about parent-child relationships?

9. What are the elements that make a really good mystery, and to what extent are they used in Thunder Bay?

10. Why do you think the author chose Thunder Bay as the main setting for the book? If you’ve been to Thunder Bay, how well do you relate to the author’s portrayal of this part of Canada?

11. If you were to write a mystery, what setting or location would you choose?

* Some questions from The Friends.

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