Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow
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1.   Let’s first talk about the significance of the book title. How does the title, which is borrowed from the famous Macbeth speech, relate to the themes of the story as a whole?

2.   Did you like the setting in the world of video game design?

3.   Why were Sam and Sadie so drawn to video games as teenagers at the hospital? What did it offer them?

4.   And on a similar note, why did they both want to create video games as adults?

5.   Especially during this era, Sadie is one of the few woman video game designers. Why were women undervalued in gaming?

6.   What are your thoughts on Sam and Sadie’s friendship throughout the years?

7.   While they both say I love you, they never become lovers. Why is that?

Do you agree with Sadie that they are closer than lovers?

8.   Let’s talk about Sam’s tragic backstory and how it impacted how he viewed the world.

9.   Marx is a major character of the novel and if it weren’t for him, the video game might never have happened. Why do you feel people didn’t really take Marx that seriously?

10.  What was your impression of the romance between Sadie and Marx?

11.  How did Marx’s murder change everything for Sadie and Sam?

12.  Instead of coming together in grief, Sadie pushes Sam away and even blames him for what happened to Marx. Let’s talk about how Sam’s video game brought them back together in a small way.

13.                What do you think happens next for Sam and Sadie? Will they create another video game? Do you think they will ever be in a romantic relationship?

 * Some questions from Book Club Chat.

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