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1.   Why are some people popular and others are not? Do you agree with Hannah's theory?

2.   How does a boy learn to become a man?

3.   When, if ever, is suicide okay for someone? Do you think Tyler would have been justified in committing suicide if he done so?

4.   Tyler is a confused young man, bordering on making poor choices and wise ones. Which choice do you think was his wisest? What poor choices do you think he made?

5.   How much is Tyler to blame for the situation in which he finds himself? What choices did he make which contributed to his difficulties?

6.   Analyze the game Tophet and the role that it plays in the story.

7.   Tyler's mother makes excuses for his father's behavior. Is this helpful? What would you have done if you were Tyler's mother in this situation?

* Some questions from Book Rags

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