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Remy Hale
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ProScott JosephKellyA retired astronaut and naval aviator.
 Amiko Scott's longtime partner.
 Samantha One of Scott's daughters.
 Charlotte One of Scott's daughters.
 MarkKellyScott's twin brother.
 GabrielleGiffordMark's wife. aka: Gabby.
 Claudia Mark's daughter.
 Richie Scott and Mark's father.
 Corbin Amiko's son.
 MikhailKornienkoRussian cosmonaut served as a flight engineer on the ISS.
 NeilArmstrongAmerican astronaut and the first person to set foot on the Moon.
 ThomasWolfeAn American author and journalist.
1  February 20, 2015
 YuriGagarinA Soviet pilot and cosmonaut. The first human in space.
 GenghisKhanThe founder and first Great Khan of the Mongol Empire.
 GennadyPadalkaRussian Air Force officer and an RKA cosmonaut. aka: Gena.
 VladimirPutinThe current President of Russia.
 RonaldReagan40th President of the United States.
 BillClinton42nd President of the United States.
 Dr.NoThe Russian flight doctor.
 LeslieYandellScott's ex-wife.
 MichaelFinckeAmerican astronaut. aka: Spanky.
2Joe Scott's uncle.
 Helen Scott's grandmother.
 JerryTarnoffHigh school principal.
3PaulMcCartneyEnglish singer, songwriter, bassist of The Beatles.
 BruceSpringsteenAmerican musician, singer and composer.
 Coldplay A British band.
 RobertaFlackAmerican singer.
 SarahBrightmanBritish soprano, musical theatre actress, and dancer.
 AntonShkaplerovRussian cosmonaut.
 TerryVirtsA retired NASA astronaut.
 SamanthaCristoforettiAn Italian European Space Agency astronaut.
4PhilipSchuylerAmerican general in the Revolutionary War.
 BobKelmanScott's roommate.
 StonewallJacksonGeneral of the Confederate Army in the American Civil War.
 PeteMatthewOne of scott's high school buddies.
5  April 3, 2015
 MichaelAlsburyAn American test pilot.
 AlfredLansingAmerican journalist and writer.
 LeonardNimoyAmerican actor, film director, author, singer, and songwriter.
 DavidSaint-JacquesCanadian astronaut with the Canadian Space Agency .
 MikhailBulgakovRussian writer, medical doctor and playwright.
 Tristan Amiko's son.
 SashaKaleriRussian cosmonaut.
6GeorgeLongScott's roommate.
 HootGibsonScott's acquaintance.
 LexLaulettaScott's on-wing instructor.
7  April 25, 2015
 SandraBullockAmerican-German actress and producer.
 Claire Mark's younger daughter.
 BeauBidenVice-President Biden's son.
 Tracy CaldwellDysonAmerican chemist and NASA astronaut.
 KjellLindgrenAmerican astronaut currently in the employ of NASA.
 KimiyaYuiJapanese astronaut from Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.
8Dwight D.EisenhowerU. S. Army general, statesman and 34th president of the U. S.
 Carroll Scott's RIO Ward. aka: Mooch.
 ChuckWoodardScott's RIO. aka: Gunny.
 LisaNowakAmerican naval flight officer and NASA astronaut.
 StephenFrickAmerican astronaut. aka: Steve.
 AlvinDrewAn astronaut.
 AbrahamLincoln16th president of the United States.
 KaraHultgreenU.S. Navy aviator and the first female carrier-based fighter pilot.
 PaulConigliaroThe lead flight test engineer.
 BillMnichScott's RIO. aka: Smoke.
9  June 21, 2015
 ShannonLucidAn American astronaut.
 OlegKononenkoA Russian cosmonaut.
 JayMarschkeA capcom.
 GennadyIvanovichA Soviet serial killer, rapist and robber.
10  July 24, 2015
 Jenny A taxi driver.
 BarackObama44th President of the United States.
 BuzzAldrinAn American former astronaut, engineer and fighter pilot.
 MichaelCollinsAmerican astronaut who flew the Apollo 11 command module.
 SergeyVolkovRussian cosmonaut and engineer.
 AndreasMogensenESA astronaut from Denmark. aka: Andy
 AidynAimbetovA Kazakh cosmonaut.
 MikeLammersThe lead flight director.
 Wolfgang A.MozartAustrian composer of the Classical period.
 Ludwig vanBeethovenGerman composer and pianist.
 Pyotr IIyichTchaikovskyRussian composer.
 RichardStraussGerman composer and orchestra director.
 SamuelBarberAmerican composer, pianist, conductor, and music educator.
11TeresaGomezAn administrative assistant at the astonaut selection office.
 DaveBrownA navy pilot.
 SmithJohnsonA NASA flight surgeon.
 DuaneRossOne who rans the astronaut selection office.
 JohnYoungThe only astronaut to have launched on three different spacecraft.
 BobCrippenJohn Young's pilot.
 BobCabanaThe chief of the astronaut office.
 JimWetherbeeAn astronaut who served as the director of flight crew operations.
 HelenBakerAn astronaut.
 DaveLeestmaThe direct supervisor of the chief astronaut.
12PatForresterStationed at NASA as an Army officer.
 JuliePayetteA former astronaut who served as Governor General of Canada.
 JeffreyAshbyA naval officer and aviator, test pilot and NASA astronaut.
 PeggyWhitsonFormer NASA Chief Astronaut.
 StephanieWilsonAmerican engineer and NASA astronaut.
 FrederickSturckowA retired U.S. Marine Corps officer, former NASA astronaut.
 JohnGlennThe first U.S. astronaut to orbit Earth.
 CurtBrownOne of the senior shuttle commanders.
 TomSelleckAmerican actor and film producer.
 CharliePrecourtThe new chief of the Astronaut Office.
 Jean-FrancoisClervoyA French astronaut. aka: Billy Bob.
 John M.GrunsfeldAmerican astronaut and astronomer.
 MichaelFoaleBritish-American astrophysicist and former NASA astronaut.
 SteveSmithAustralian international cricketer.
 ClaudeNicollierThe first astronaut from Switzerland.
 EileenCollinsThe first woman to pilot to command U.S. space shuttle.
 AlanShepardAmerican astronaut, and the first American to travel into space.
 SteveRobinsonA capcom.
14GeorgeAbbeyFormer director of the Johnson Space Center.
 Ephim A Russian driver.
 BillShepherdNASA astronaut who served as Commander of Expedition 1.
 Francis GaryPowersAmerican pilot shot down flying a spy plane over the Soviet Union.
 SigmundFreudThe father of psychoanalysis.
 Douglas H.WheelockAmerican engineer and astronaut. aka: Dough.
 DmitryKondratyevRussian cosmonaut. aka: Dima.
 YuriGidzenkoRussian cosmonaut.
 SergeiKrikalevSoviet and Russian cosmonaut.
 SergeiTreshchovRussian cosmonaut.
 ValaryKorzunRussian cosmonaut.
 KentRomingerAmerican astronaut.
 Charles O.HobaughNASA astronaut. aka: Scorch.
 Marl L.PolanskyAmerican aerospace engineer and former NASA astronaut.
 BarbaraMorganAmerican teacher and a former NASA astronaut.
 ScottParazynskiA flight engineer.
 LaurelClarkA navy doctor before she became an astronaut. aka: Floral.
 Iain Laurel Clark's son.
 JonClarkLaurel Clark's husband.
 WillieMcCoolA Navy pilot before selected as astronaut.
 RichHusbandAn American astronaut.
 KalpanaChawlaThe first Indian woman in space and an aerospace engineer.
 MikeAndersonAn Air Force pilot.
 IlanRamonIsraeli fighter pilot and later the first Israeli astronaut.
 PamelaMelroyA retired US Air Force officer and a former NASA astronaut.
 RichardMastracchioAmerican engineer and former NASA astronaut. aka: Rick.
 ChristaMcAuliffeAmerican educator and astronaut.
 SteveLindseyThe chief of the astronaut office.
 BrianMilesA urologist.
 DaveWilliamsA Canadian astronaut who worked as an ER doctor.
 WilliamWallaceThe leader in the Wars for Scottish Independence.
 OlegSkripochkaRussian cosmonaut.
 ShannonWalkerAmerican scientist and NASA astronaut.
 FyodorYurchikhinRussian cosmonaut.
 CatherineColemanA retired NASA astronaut. aka: Cady.
 PaoloNespoliAn Italian astronaut.
15  October 28, 2015
 AlexeiLeonovSoviet and Russian cosmonaut.
 LucaParmitanoItalian astronaut.
 LeonardoDiCaprioAmerican actor, film producer, and environmentalist.
 Dan Scott's uncle.
16SteveGilmoreA new flight surgeon.
 PiaCarosoneGabby's chief-of-staff.
 TilmanFertittaAmerican businessman and Scott's good friend.
 Christina T.GreenA nine-year-old girl who was interested in politics.
 EricBoeAmerican astronaut.
 JeffreyWilliamsOne of Scott's astronaut's classmates.
 AlanGrossUnited States government contractor.
17  November 6, 2015
 MeganMcArthurOne of the youngest astronauts.
 FerdinandMagellanA Portuguese explorer in the service of Spain.
 BrianBabinA dentist.
 DekeSlaytonUS Air Force pilot, aeronautical engineer, and test pilot.
 YuriMalenchenkoRussian cosmonaut. The first person to marry in space.
 TimKopraAn Army aviator and engineer.
 TimPeakeBritish Army Air Corps officer and astronaut.
 YiSoyeonOne of Yuri's female crewmates.
 Todd One of Scott's friends.
 Robert One of Scott's friends.
 Gerry One of Scott's friends.
18  December 24, 2015
 DavidPetraeusRetired American military officer and public official.
 AlfredLansingA writer.
19  January 7, 2016
 DonaldPettitAmerican astronaut. aka: Don.
 BrookeHeathmanScott's crew secretary.
 JenniferJamesScott's scheduler.
 ElenaHansonScott's instructor.
20  March 1, 2016
 ChristopherCassidyThe chief of the Astronaut Office at NASA. aka: Chris.
 JoelMontalbanoServes as the Manager, ISS Program Office.
Epi  Life On Earth
 KarenNybergAmerican astronaut.