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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1HopeMillerLindsay's friend. Missing. Aka: Tara King.
 LindsayKellyHope's best friend. A lawyer.
 EvanHunterAn independent realtor. Hope's boss.
 StanStansfieldOwner of the house that is being sold.
 RobinStansfieldStan's wife.
2TonyBeckettHope's landlord.
 GraceBeckettTony's wife.
 MaxBeckettTony and Grace's son.
 BobbyBeckettTony and Grace's son.
 Miriam Lindsay's stepmother. Aka: Karen Henderson.
 ScottParkerLindsay's boyfriend.
 Nora Scott's daughter.
3EllieHatcherThe NYPD detective.
 Max Ellie's lover. A district attorney.
 JessHatcherEllie's brother.
6CarterDeckerA cop. Robin's neighbor and friend.
11WilliamSummerThe College Hill Strangler. A serial killer.
 JerryHatcherThe detective in charge of the College Hill Strangler investigation. Ellie's father.
 CatherineGondelmanThe cottage owner.
12J.JRoganEllie's partner.
 Hank Ellie's neighbor.
 Edna Hank's wife.
14LisaRobbinsA police officer.
15SteveThompsonJerry's former partner.
 Leo The bar manager.
16Rebecca Hope's therapist.
18HarvyO'BrienA T.V. reporter.
 Chris A reputable journalist.
 Dr. LorettaMasonThe deputy chief.
 JocelynHodgeAlex's girlfriend.
19FrankGarnerThe Reel Deal Fishing owner.
23Ed CarpenterLindsay's client.
 KatyBarnesThe woman who posted on the camp page about past abuse.
 CarlWalshHope's ex-boyfriend.
24Marcia The news reporter.
 Reggie Marcia's colleague.
26Mrs.StreeterA thrift shop owner.
 BobTaylorThe man who brought the rug.
 MelanieLockeRichard's widow.
28HollyGuntherAlex's co-campers.
 EmiliaLopezAlex's alleged sister.
 RichardMullaneyA noted attorney and philanthropist. Murdered.
30KevinMitchellA bartender.
32CatherineHarperThe judge.
 MikeNunzioThe lawyer at the prosecution table.
34TCAtkinsonThe girl that Jess dated.
36Sophie Melanie and Richard's daughter.
39LauraKingHope's mother.
40RobertaHatcherElise and Jess's mother.
41Melissa Hope's therapist.