Characters - Alphabetical
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JohnAdamsThomas Jefferson's friend.
Andre-MarieAmpereA founder of the science of classical electromagnetism.
JeanB. J. FourierA French mathematician.
IsaacBarrowThe first lucasian professor.
JohannBernoulliA Swiss mathematician.
GeorgBohrA Danish mathematician.
UsainBoltAn olympic athlete.
TychoBraheA Danish man.
GiordanoBrunoAn Italian philosopher.
MarinC. D. ChambreFermat's colleague.
JamesCameronA Canadian film maker.
MaryCartwrightThe first female mathematician elected to the Royal Society.
BonaventuraCavalieriGalileo's student.
ErnstChladniA musical instrument maker.
ZuChongzhiThe man who calculated the pi.
WilliamClarkAn apothecary and chemist.
JohnCollinsThe mathematical wannabe and impresario.
NicolausCopernicusPublished a theory that the earth moves around the sun.
AllanCormackThe inventor of a theory about CT Scan.
LeonardoDa VinciAn Italian polymath.
PierreDe FermatA mathematician. Rene Descartes's rival.
ReneDescartesThe French polymath who designated the XYZ for the unknowns.
PeterDeuflhardA German-applied mathematician.
PaulDiracThe physicist.
AlbertEinsteinA theoretical physicist.
PaulErdosA Hungarian mathematician.
CarlF. GaussA man who used the pseudonym Antoine Le Blanc.
MichaelFaradayAn English scientist.
RichardFeymanThe physicist that Wouk interviewed about making bombs.
BrockFullerCreated first math description of 3D contortions of DNA.
GalileoGalileiFather of observational astronomy. Archimedes's predecessor.
Maria CelesteGalileiGalileo and Marina's daughter.
VirginiaGalileiGalileo and Marina's eldest daughter.
MarinaGambaGalileo's wife.
SophieGermainA French mathematician.
WilliamGilbertAn English physician. Aka: Gilberd.
JohnGlennThe first man to orbit the earth.
EdmondHalleyIsaac Newton's friend.
ThomasHarriotThe English astronomer.
JohnHarrisonThe inventor of Marine Chronometer.
HeinrichHertzA man who proved Maxwell's theory of electromagnetic light.
WilliamHeytesburyA philosopher and logician at Merton College.
DavidHoA man who led the team of researchers to treat HIV.
ThomasHobbesA political philosopher and second-rate mathematician.
GodfreyHousnfieldA man who wins the Nobel Prize in physiology.
LiuHuiThe Chinese geometer.
ChristiaanHuygensThe inventor of the first pendulum swing.
ThomasJeffersonThe 3rd U.S. President.
SteveJobsPixar's co-founder.
KatherineJohnsonAn African-American mathematician who worked at NASA.
BrianJosephsonA man who theorized the Josephson Junction.
GarryKasparovThe human chess champion.
JohannesKeplerThe astronomer.
SofiaKovalevskayaA Russian mathematician.
Joseph LouisLaGrangeA mathematician.
Pierre SimonLaPlaceA French mathematician and astronomer.
Gottfried W.LeibnizGerman philosopher. Forerunner for the title Father of Calculus.
JohnLittlewoodA British mathematician.
James ClerkMaxwellA Scottish mathematical physicist.
NicholasMercatorA man who published a book about logarithms in 1668.
MarinMersenneA mathematician. Rene Descartes's rival.
GiordanoMonkThe renegade monk who was burned alive.
JohnNapierThe Scottish mathematician.
HannahNewtonIsaac Newton's mother.
IsaacNewtonDiscovered calculus. One of the greatest scientists of all time.
IsaacNewton Sr.Isaac Newton's father.
ZenoOf EleaA brave philosopher during (C.490-430 BCE).
HenryOldenburgA promoter of science.
AlanPerelsonA mathematical immunologist. David Ho's colleague.
PabloPicassoA Spanish painter.
MaxPlanckThe father of quantum theory.
HenriPoincareA French mathematician in the 1800s.
ToddQuintoCormack's colleague.
JohannRadonAn Austrian mathematician.
BertrandRussellA British philosopher.
BernieSandersThe Senator.
MadhavaSangamagramaThe founder of Kerala School of Mathematics.
ErwinSchrodingerThe Austrian physicist.
BarnabasSmithIsaac Newton's step-father.
WillebordSnellThe Dutch scientist.
NilakanthaSomayajiAstronomer of Kerala School of Mathematics.
PercySpencerThe inventor of the microwave oven.
Ms.StantonSteven's eighth grade math teacher.
SimonStevinA man who improved the arithmetic.
HenryStokesThe schoolmaster who taught Isaac Latin.
LeahStrogatzSteven's daughter.
TuncTezelThe astrophotographer.
EvangelistaTorricelliGalileo's student.
AndreasVesaliusFlemish doctor made findings about human anatomy.
FrancoisVieteMathematician who designated unknown quantities with vowels.
VicenzoVivianiGalileo's first and most devoted biographer.
KarlWeierstrassA German mathematician.
MartinWeiserA German-applied mathematician.
EugeneWignerA Hungarian-American physicist.
HermanWoukA novelist.
StefanZachowA German-applied mathematician.
Alhazen The physicist of the golden age. Aka: Hasan Ibn Al-haytham.
Archimedes A Greek mathematician.
Aristarchus The ancient Greek astronomer.
Aristotle A Greek philosopher. Plato's student.
Eratosthenes Archimedes's friend. The librarian at Alexandria.
Euclid A Greek mathematician.
Eudoxus The Greek mathematician.
Hodgkin Won Nobel Prize for the ionic basis of how cells work.
Jyesthadeva Astronomer of the Kerala School of Mathematics.
Plato An Athenian philosopher.
Plutarch The historian.
Ptolemy The Greek astronomer who modified Aristarchus theory.
Pythagoras A Greek philosopher.
Shrek Dreamworks's heroic ogre.
Thales The founding father of Greek mythology.
Vitruvius A Roman architect.