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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1Randy Bob's friend.
 BobGoffProtagonist and Narrator.
 Jesus The First Century preacher. Aka: Immanuel.
2Doug Bob's former classmate. Bob's sniper friend.
3Ryan Guy who asked Bob to marry his girlfriend in Bob's backyard.
4MatLehrOwner of greenhouse restaurant. Bob's first boss.
 GrandmaMaryBob's grandmother.
5Kathy Bob's high school sweetheart.
6MariaGoffA college dropout who helped Doug and Bob. Bob's wife.
 Kevin Bob's roommate. A top student at the Law School.
9AmbassadorKamuninwireUganda's Ambassador who pranks Bob.
 DonValenciaBob's close friend who became a millionaire.
 Jonah One of Jesus's apostles.
 Peter One of Jesus's apostles.
10AdamGoffBob's son.
 RichardGoffBob's son.
 LindseyGoffBob's daughter.
 TonyBlairPrime Minister of England.
 TunMahathirThe Prime Minister of Malaysia.
11Brandon Bob's friend.
 NicolasCageA famous actor.
 DianeKrugerA famous actress.
14Ashley Bob's family friend.
 Sceva A religious guy who has seven sons.
19Lynn An 87-year-old woman that Bob met.
23Copernicus Bob's friend.
24Edna Makes superhero uniforms in the movie "The Incredibles".
 Judas One of Jesus's apostles.
 Matthias One of Jesus's apostles.
 Justus One of Jesus's apostles.
25HeatherValenciaDon's wife.
 HowardSchultzCEO of Starbucks.
26JohnAshcroftThe Missouri Attorney General.
 Charlie Bob's friend who works for the FBI.
 AgentWalkerBob's security.
 Kevin A teenager who was in Uganda prison.
27The ScientistMan who sells boat. Research scientist at Scripps Institute.
29Lazarus A man who was raised from the dead by Jesus.
31John Bob's student. Co-owner Restore Leadership Academy.
 ThomasNelsonBob's publisher and friend.