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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1Mrs.DohertyThe Clarks's family friend.
 KatrinaClarkLou's sister. Thomas's mother. Aka: Treena.
 ThomasClarkLou's nephew. Treena's son. Aka: Tommo.
 LoisaClarkNarrator and Protagonist. Aka: Lou, Busy Bee.
 Granddad Lou's grandfather.
 Patrick Lou's boyfriend.
 Frank Lou's employer.
 Kev A plumber. Lou's customer.
 Angel A plumber. Lou's customer.
 DandelionLadyOne of Lou's customers.
 Nina The hairdressers.
 Cherries The hairdressers.
 BernardClarkLou's father.
 GingerPetePatrick's business partner.
 JeffreyArcherAn entrepreneur.
 RichardBransonAn entrepreneur.
 Syed Lou's personal adviser.
2CamillaTranorLou's employer.
 William JohnTraynorCamilla's quadriplegic's son. Lou's boss. Aka: Will.
 Nathan Will's daily nurse.
4RupertFreshwellWill's former workmate. Alicia's ex-boyfriend.
 AliciaDewarWill's ex-girlfriend. Aka: Lissa.
 SashaGoldsteinRupert's boss.
 DanBainsRupert's business partner.
5Lily Will's former caregiver.
 Samantha The proprietor of Hailsbury's only unisex hairdresser.
 GeorginaTraynorWill's sister. Aka: George.
6StevenTraynorCamilla's husband.
7  Dignitas - The place where people commit suicide.
9RichardGrishamDympna's unfaithful husband.
 DympnaGrishamRichard's wife.
10JudyBlumeAn American writer.
11Sharon The security at the restaurant.
 Marky The guy Lou asked for help.
12Ed Lou's former acquaintance.
14LeoMcInerneyA former football player.
 TimothyDewarAlicia's father.
 Mrs.DewarAlicia's mother.
15Ritchie A quadriplegic patient.
17MichaelLawlerWill's lawyer.
 MissTrowbridgeLou's teacher.
18FreddieDerwentWill's former workmate. Alicia's boyfriend.
 MaryRawlinsonOne of the wedding guests.
20Leanne Patrick's friend.
21Della Steven's mistress.
23Nadil Nathan's substitute caregiver.
 Karen A hotel guest.
 James Lou's diving instructor.
 CarmenMirandaA singer.
27SheilaghMackinsonThe woman who worked at Crown Prosecution Services.