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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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ProSalGabelliOwner of Sal's Saloon. Sammy's boss.
 CaptainBokkerThe South African merchant marine.
 EddieShuSammy's business partner. Aka: Eddie Moo Shoes.
1Mrs.StitltonSammy's girlfriend. Aka: The Cheese, Tilly.
 SammyTiffinNarrator and Protagonist. Aka: Two Toes.
 LoisFongA dancer at Club Shanghai. Moo's girlfriend.
 GeneralRemyA regular customer at Sal's Saloon. A high ranking official.
2MarkTwainA famous novelist.
 GlennMillerAn American trombonist.
 JudyGarlandAn American actress.
 JanetChangA dancer at the club.
 JackLondonA novelist.
 Edgar RiceBurroughsA novelist.
 TonyCannelloniA legacy member who invites Sal.
 AltonStoddard IIIA lawyer. A regular customer at Bohemian Grove.
 RonnyBiscottiA member of Knight and Columbus.
 MadameMabelOwner of the whorehouse named "Bohemian Grove".
 PookieO'HaraA police officer.
 The KidSammy's friend.
4TheloniusJonesBartender - Moonlight Jazz Club. Aka: Lone Jones.
 Vinnie Myrtle's co-worker. A cook.
5Bess Madame Mabel's bodyguard.
7MiloAndreasSammy's friend. The cabbie.
 JacksonTwoA boxer.
 Doris The new waitress.
 PresidentRooseveltThe current U.S. President.
 Cookie Sammy's neighbor.
8UncleMaoMoo's uncle. Aka: Uncle Ho.
 Phil The cook at Five and Dime on Polk Street.
10Bennie Sammy's co-bartender.
11Lou The doorman at Club Shanghai.
13UncleAlbertThe kid's uncle.
 Mrs.WongThe matriarch of Harmonius Cabbage.
 BronkoNagurskiMyrtle's neighbor.
14JimmyVascoThe owner and master of ceremonies at Jimmy's Joynt.
 Butch The door dame at Jimmy's Joynt.
 Mel The bartender at Jimmy's Joynt.
 Pearl One of Jimmy's waitresses.
15Bailey A secret agent. A high ranking official.
 Hatch Bailey's co-agent.
 Clarence Bailey's colleague. Potter's partner.
 Potter Clarence's partner.
16Bill A police officer.
17JudgesTiffinSammy's older brother.
 RuthTiffinSammy's sister.
 Shirley Sammy's ex-girlfriend.
 SamuelTiffin IIISammy's younger brother. Aka: Skip.
 JohnnyMcElhennyA soldier.
 MaxUtleyA foreman. Sammy's former boss.
19Mr.PowersMadame Mabel's customer.
 Petey Sammy and Eddie's snake.
 Jeff Mrs. Stilton's friend.
 Rusty Mrs. Stilton's friend.
21James Mrs. Stilton's former lover.
 The MoonmanThe kid that Mrs. Stilton and Sammy helped.