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1979 by Val McDermid

Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1 Allie Burns Protagonist. AKA: Alister Burns.
Danny Sullivan A Clarion reporter. Allie's colleague.
Mary One of Danny's aunts.
Cathy One of Danny's aunts.
Theresa Bernie One of Danny's aunts.
Senga One of Danny's aunts. AKA: Agnes.
Paul Danny's uncle. Deceased.
2 Jenny Forsyth The pregnant lady.
Stephen Hamilton Jenny's boyfriend.
3 Thomas Mulrine The guard.
Craig Jenny and Stephen's son.
Gavid Todd The night news editor.
Arnie Anderson One of Allie's colleagues.
4 Marie Sullivan Danny's mother.
Joseph Sullivan Danny's brother.
Eddie Sullivan Danny's father.
Peter McGovern Danny's superior.
5 Brian McGillivray The man who runs WestBet.
Wilson Brodie Owner of a chain of Seaside Amusement Arcades.
Andrew Mutch A builder.
6 Gordon Beattie The crime correspondent of the Clarion.
Maclays - The premier boat broker.
7 Conrad Jespersen The man who runs Jespersen Marine.
Sammy One of the elderly 'Copy Boys'.
Kenny Stone Todd's shift partner.
8 Graeme Brown One of the guys involved in Paragon's scheme.
9 Rona Dunsyre Allie's colleague.
Sandro The waiter.
10 Bill Maclay The boatyard boss.
Penny Bill's secretary.
11 Desmond The deputy news editor.
Aggie Mackenzie The woman that Allie interviewed.
Fatima McGeechan A BBC editor.
Angus Carlyle A Clarion news editor.
12 Tam Dalyell A Maverick Labour MP.
13 Muriel The membership secretary.
14 Bobby Gibson Allie's favorite photographer.
Sandie McAllister The Clarion model.
Adam McGurk The committee chairman.
Colette Hannigan The Chairman of UK Naturism Association.
15 Gregor Menstrie Paragon's Chief Executive.
16 Simon Allie's ex-lover.
Matthew Allie's ex-lover.
17 Maggie McNab The woman that Allie met.
Alexander Jameson A Modern History professor.
Derek Malloch One of the guys at the SNP meeting. AKA: Deke.
Gary Bell One of the guys at the SNP meeting. AKA: Ding-Dong.
Roddy Farquhar One of the guys at the SNP meeting.
18 Fraser Drummond A lawyer.
Gil Patterson One of Paragon's contributors.
28 Terry Robinson Gary's old friend.
Bruce Millan The Scottish secretary.
32 Declan The man that Bell and Danny met.
34 Jimmy Olsen The parking attendant.
37 Thomas Torrance The guy from the special branch.
Tony Vissochi The Clarion's veteran picture editor.
38 Willie Suttie A paparazzo.
42 Jinky Johnstone A football player.
44 Alexander Garioch The editor's chairman.
46 Marcus One of Allie's friends.
Jen One of Allie's friends.
47 Buchan The detective chief inspector.
Hardie The detective sergeant.
Groom The detective constable.
49 Maureen Jarvie An editor from the Edinburgh office.
50 Jock The editorial driver.
Barry Curran The man Danny was supposed to interview.
52 William Morrison A lawyer.

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1979 suggested by Elizabeth Robinson