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Christina Hale
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ProChloeMonahanAn actress. Murdered.
 PaigeAbnerChloe's roommate and best friend. Murdered.
 WesSandersThe chief of police.
1Bonnie The makeup wizard.
 AmandaTraceA TV host.
 TonyGuestA frequent guest in Amanda's show. A defense attorney.
 BarryStefanovichSam's sparring partner.
 Michelle A paralegal. Sam's childhood BFF.
 SamanthaBrinkmanProtagonist and Narrator. A defense attorney. AKA: Sam.
 Dane The audio guy.
 Sheri The TV host of Crime Time.
 LinetteSamronThe bullied girl.
 Beulah Sam's Mercedes.
 RyanSamronLinette's bully brother.
2DeshawnJohnsonSam's client.
 Lil'J Deshawn's son.
3AidanMandyA rape victim.
 HaroldRingerA homeless kid. The dependant.
 AlexMedranoSam's investigator and former client.
 CarlosMedranoAlex's brother.
 LeticiaMedranoAlex's little sister.
4NailleTarickmanSam's client.
 HarrietTarickmanNaille's mother. Aka: Hank.
 DalePearsonThe alleged suspect in Chloe and Paige's murder case. Sam's lost father.
 ErrolMessingerA former police officer and attorney.
 SkipWhitnerA district attorney.
 StuartHolmesSkip's assistant. A Los Angeles attorney.
5Jimmy The bailiff.
6RockSaundersDale's friend. An LAPD detective.
 LisaMilstromDale's daughter.
7ChuckDemeterA burglary officer.
 Mr.PerfectThe guy Chloe dated.
 Tracy Dale's former wife.
8CelesterBrinkmanSam's mother.
 JackMaynardSam's stepfather.
9WayneLittleThe detective in charge of Chloe and Paige's murder case.
 TrevorSkotlerA contributing lawyer.
10EdieAdersonA news reporter.
 RicardoOrozcoOne of Sam's clients.
 Mayer A court judge.
 Castaneda The sole witness.
11JerryRatnerThe DA in Orozco's case.
 Randy The bailiff on duty.
12BrittanyMarstonA news reporter.
 Greta One of Sam's friends.
 Magnuson One of the judges.
 ZackChastainA district attorney. Chloe and Paige's lawyer.
13Xander Alex's acquaintance.
15KaitlynMonahanChloe's sister.
16NikkiIngallsOne of Chloe's neighbors.
 SheilaWagnerNikki's neighbor.
17C.J Sheila's neighbor.
18JanetRaderOne of Chloe's neighbors.
 EvanRaderJanet's son.
19ChasGormanOne of Chloe's neighbors.
20Raymond The judge in Deshawn's case.
 RitaStumpThe prosecutor.
 BruceAmbroseThe cop.
 JulioOrtizThe suspect in Deshawn's case.
23Sebastian One of Celester's ex-boyfriends.
24GeoffreyBrocklinA young writer Chloe had been seeing.
25BernardShoreThe restaurant manager.
 Tonya Paige's friend.
27JennyKnoxThe prostitute who hoped to extort money from Dale.
28WilliamTollinbergThe judge on Dale Pearson's trial.
30Flip The man Dale busted.
 Bozo One of Jenny's enemies.
31Kendall The reporter.
 AubreyMilesEdie's husband. A senator.
 AmayaHorriganOne of Paige's friends.
32MarcPalmerThe guy Paige dated. A model.
33NateFlemmingDale's colleague and friend.
 IgnacioSilviaDale's colleague and friend.
 LarryScofieldDale's colleague and friend.
 LouieD'AngeloDale's college buddy.
34JayleneThomasA production assistant.
35Patrick The bartender.
36JudgeTraynorThe assigned judge in Dale's trial.
37GoldenCrossmanMarc and Paige's mutual friend.
 JulieBergerMarc and Paige's mutual friend.
 AshtonLaFlameMarc and Paige's mutual friend.
 RussellKitsonMarc's photographer.
38LaneOckmanJaylene's boss. AKA: Glen Ricker.
 TuckRosenbergSam's former client.
40Bobbi Dale's 2nd ex-wife.
41ScottHendersonA convicted coke dealer. The man who stole Paige's jewelry.
 ShermanCrossmanA lawyer.
42SebastianCromerCeleste's lover.
 Lettie Sebastian's housekeeper.
43JayGerberHank's firearms trainer.
45WaltCarbahalThe senior prosecutor.
 PaulWessonA deputy district attorney.
48StormCooperThe stuntman that Paige dated.
49TomasMedranoAlex's uncle.
51ErnestoOrozcoRicardo's father.
 ArturoOrozcoErnesto's son.
54Maria Tomas's housekeeper.
60BrentFarmingtonAubrey's aide.

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