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Characters By Chapter
Robyn Roberts
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1DickieRuffheadYarra City Mayor.
 Baz (Basil)BrownBrick's uncle. Owner of 'Phoenix' pub.
 Flora Bamaid at Phoenix pub. Baz's girlfriend.
 Tony Regular patron at the Phoenix.
 Graham Regular patron at the Phoenix.
 Phil Regular patron at the Phoenix and works at Yarra City Council.
 BrickBrownBaz's niece working in PR for the Yarra City Council, a.k.a. Brick Lane.
 Nino Phoenix patron. Gene's uncle.
 GailFawcettHead of PR Department at Yarra City Council.
2Morrie Homeless aboriginal man.
 HugoClarkYarra City Councilor. Nephew of Errol Grimes.
 MavisDuBoisPR Consultant and Chair of Development Consent Committee for City of Yarra Council
 Brucie Personal Assistant to Gail Fawcett
 Gavin / Grant Web page manager
 Dave Maintenance Department for Yarra City Council.
3SelenaMcManusTelevision reporter for 'Today Today'. Brick's childhood school friend.
4SueDayNewspaper reporter, friend of Brick.
 Mitch (Muggerdich)MitchellWar correspondent / investigative journalist.
 Dot Baz's Aunty. Lives in Darwin.
 NoraStrangeBrick's deceased foster mother.
 Bunny Brick's friend Humanitarian Doctor.
 Derek Brick's past boyfriend.
 Warren Bunny's previous boyfriend.
5ErrolGrimesVictorian State Premier.
 MickO'TooleBaz's friend.
 Timmy Bunny's younger brother.
6Dennis Parking Inspector.
 Joe Parking Inspector.
 Gene (Gino) Operates the record store next to the Phoenix.
7Jack Brick's boyfriend.
8Eve HR Manager in charge of stationary at Yarra City Council.
 OttoWeberRetired Councilor.
 Romy Otto's youngest daughter.
 WinsomeDuBoisMavis's mother.
 DaveMullettProperty developer.
9JakeDaySue's little boy.
 BrendanJonesa.k.a. 'Slick'. Representative for Brave New World Property Group.
10ShaneDaySue's husband.
11Margaret Ex-Sister of St Bernadette's Convent. Mick O'Tooles cousin.
13Serge Proprietor of Vigilante Storage.
14Pascoe Previous owner of the Phoenix.
 LionelRoseDeceased World Champion Ex-Boxer.
15DelilahRussellDaughter of Daphne Russell.
 DapheRussellMother of Delilah Russell.
16JohnMullettAdopted twin son of Dave Mullett.
 RonMullettAdopted twin son of Dave Mullett.
20Biggsy Journalist acquaintance of Mitchell
 BettyJones (Kasinsky)Mother of John and Ron Mullett. Previous jazz singer at the Phoenix.
23DaphnePascoea.k.a. Daphne Russell. Baz's Aunty. Dot's second youngest sister.
 RonPascoeHusband of Daphne Russell.
28Beryl Social worker.
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