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Kristian Fabricante
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Pro Konstance The 14-year-old girl aboard the Interstellar ship called Argos. Rachel's great-granddaughter.
Sybil - The teacherly AI system aboard Argos.
Antonius Diogenes The Cloud Cuckoo Land's writer.
1 Zeno Ninis The translator of Diogenes's manuscript.
Alex Hess One of the kids who participated in Cloud Cuckoo Land's play.
Rachel Wilson One of the kids who participated in Cloud Cuckoo Land's play. Konstance's great-grandmother.
Natalie Hernandez One of the kids who participated in Cloud Cuckoo Land's play.
Olivia Ott One of the kids who participated in Cloud Cuckoo Land's play.
Christopher Dee One of the kids who participated in Cloud Cuckoo Land's play.
Sharif The children's librarian.
Marian The library director.
Seymour Stuhlman An autistic environmental activist.
2 Nicholas Kalaphates The owner of Embroidery House. Anna's employer.
Anna An orphan who lives in Nicholas's house.
Widow Theodora The head embroideress.
Maria Anna's older sister.
Thekla The oldest embroideress.
Eugenia One of the embroideresses.
Agat One of the embroideresses.
Omeir A poor woodcutter's son.
Amani Omeir's eldest sister.
Leaf One of Omeir's family oxens.
Needle One of Omeir's family oxens.
Ocean The eldest son of Sky and Earth.
Chryse Nicholas's cook.
Licinius A tutor for a wealthy family.
Ulysses The greatest army.
Alcinous The lord of Phaeacians.
Nida Omeir's sister.
Beauty Omeir's family cow.
Murad The Second Guardian of the world.
Grandfather Omeir's grandfather.
Tree Omeir's oxen.
Moonlight Omeir's oxen.
3 Aethon The man who was turned into a bird so he can fly.
Thessaly - The land of magic.
Athena The goddess.
Athena(2) Zeno's collie.
Alma Boydstun The woman that Zeno met. Zeno's guardian.
Argus Panoptes The watchman of Hera.
Zeus The thunderlord.
Jed Bunny's client.
Mike Gawtry Bunny's client.
Turkey Leg Bunny's client.
Bunny Seymour's mother.
Pawpaw Seymour's great-uncle.
Mrs Onegin Seymour's teacher.
Jenkins The school principal.
Carmen Hornaechea One of Seymour's classmates.
Wesley Ohman One of Seymour's classmates.
Tony Molinari One of Seymour's classmates.
Miss Slattery The school counselor.
Steve The manager at Wagon Wheel.
White The pastor.
Aristhopanes A playwright.
Mr. Burkett Bunny's boss.
Mia One of Seymour's classmates.
Duncan One of Seymour's classmates.
Trustyfriend The owl. Seymour's owl friend.
Marian The freckled librarian.
4 Canidia The girl who can extract sunbeams from melons.
Meroe The girl who can stop rivers from running.
Palaestra The innkeeper's maid.
Mrs. Chen Konstance's teacher.
Jessi Ko Konstance's co-passenger.
Ramon Konstance's co-passenger.
6 Himerius A fisherman's nephew.
Maher A young oxherd. Omeir's friend.
Eudokia One of Anna's colleagues.
Irene One of Anna's colleagues.
Helena One of Anna's colleagues.
Faith One of Anna's colleagues.
7 Mr. McCormack The Ansley machine shop manager.
Blewitt Zeno's colleague. A private from New Jersey.
Rex Browning A grammar school teacher. Zeno's companion.
Zenodotus The first librarian at Alexandria.
Tayvon Lee Konstance's co-passenger.
Dr. Pori A mathematics professor. Konstance's co-passenger.
Mrs. Flowers Konstance's co-passenger.
9 Elliot Fischenbacher The Argos passenger who tried to kill her co-passenger.
Ezekiel Lee Konstance's co-passenger. Aka: Zeke.
Dr. Cha The doctor in Argos.
Goldberg The engineer in Argos.
Mr. Bates The 6th grade teacher.
Patti Goss-Simpson Seymour's classmate.
12 Amanda Corddry The highway department dispatcher.
Mrs. Raney The new librarian.
Hillary Rex's caretaker.
Mrs. Tweedy One of Seymour's teachers.
Janet A sophomore. Seymour's schoolmate.
17 Achilles Peleus's son.
Luther Zeno's dog.
Nestor Zeno's new dog.
19 Mathilda Seymour's online companion.
23 Clover Omeir's donkey.
24 Dash Seymour's dog.

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