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DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS by Walter Mosley

Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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 EthelineTeamanThe woman that Easy's trying to find.
 JacksonBlueEasy's friend.
 EzekielRawlinsProtagonist. Aka: Easy.
 Moms Jackson and Easy's common friend.
 Mouse Easy's cousin. Deceased. Aka: Raymond Alexander.
 Inez A prostitute.
 CedricBoughmanEtheline's regular customer.
 Bonnie Easy's ex-girlfriend.
 MedgarWintersA minister, Deacon. Etheline's lover.
 Feather Easy's daughter.
 HelenPlatesA teacher at Truth.
 EttaMaeHarrisMouse's wife.
 MissBristolThe church lady.
 CeliaBoughmanCedric's mother.
 Bumpy One of the church members.
 Latrell A deacon.
 Mrs.DanielsThe church receptionist.
 AndreBrownThe detective.
1Joppy A bar owner.
 DewittAlbrightJoppy's friend. Easy's potential client.
2Mr.ShagThe rent collector.
3Manny One of Dewitt's securities.
 DaphneMonetThe woman that Mr. Dewitt's trying to find. Aka: Ruby Hanks.
 Leon Mr. Dewitt's former client.
 RandolphCoreyThe prosecutor on Leon's case.
4John A nightclub owner.
 HattieParsonsThe candy shop cashier.
 JuniorFornayHattie's nephew.
 HowardGreenThe Chauffeur.
 Lips John's colleagues.
 Willie John's colleagues.
 Flattop John's colleagues.
 AlphonsoJenkinsOne of John's regulars.
 Johanas One of John's regulars.
 FrankGreenOne of John's regulars. Aka: Knifehand.
 MatthewTeranA mayor candidate.
 Navrochet The son of Mouse's step-father.
 Clifton The suspect in Mouse's step-father's case.
5OdellJonesEasy's friend.
 DupreeBouchardEasy's friend.
 CorettaJamesDupree's girlfriend.
7LaMarque Mouse's son.
 Lucinda Mouse's ex-girlfriend.
 Reese Mouse's step-father.
8BarbarMoskowitzThe woman that Easy met.
9BenitoGiacomoAn aircraft builder. Easy's former boss.
10Miller The man who kidnaps Easy.
 Mason Miller's partner.
11Norman One of Mr. Teran's men.
 Towne The reverend.
14AnthonyYakimotoOne of Easy's friends.
 WentonNilesOne of Easy's friends.
15Manny One of Dewitt's securities.
16SophieAndersonEtta's friend.
17MaximBaxterThe Personne Director of Lion Investments.
 ToddCarterThe President of Lion Investments. Daphne's lover.
 RichardMcGeeDaphne's friend. Deceased.
18Ricardo A pool room owner.
 Mickey Rosetta's son.
 Rosetta Mickey's mother. The woman who runs Ricardo's pool room.
 Vernie The whore house owner.
 Darcel Vernie's daughter.
 HueyBarnesVernie's business partner.
 RonaldWhiteThe city plumber.
 Darcel Easy's friend.
 Curtis CrossEasy's friend.
19Zeppo Easy's friend.
 Ernest The barber.
 Lenny A gardener.
 Elba Lenny's girlfriend.
20Abe Johnny's brother-in-law.
 Johnny A barber.
 VincentLe RoyThe police sergeant.
 Tree Rat The mexican boy that Vincent found at the camp.
24Bula Dupree's sister.
 Primo Easy's friend.
25Mrs.GuitierraThe manager.
27Mr.LingThe owner of Chow's Chow.
30LawrenceWrightsmithThe deputy mayor.
 JeromeDuffyCarter's lawyer.

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