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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1 Ellen Trechend The mythical three-headed monster.
Stiles A police inspector.
Michael Corravan Protagonist and Narrator. AKA: Mickey.
Howard Vincent The new Yard director.
Madeline Beckford Missing.
Mr. Quartermain Carravan's superior.
Druscovich One of the police who was found guilty helping criminals evade their capture.
Meiklejohn One of the police who was found guilty helping criminals evade their capture.
Palmer One of the police who was found guilty helping criminals evade their capture.
Stephen Beckford Madeline's husband.
Superintendent Blair Corravan's former colleague.
Andrews Corravan's acquaintance.
Jenkins One of the men who found the murdered body.
Charlie Dower The forensic artist.
Belinda Gale Corravan's lover.
2 Sergeant Connell One of Corravan's men
3 James Everett Corravan's friend. A psychologist.
4 Owen One of the hospital caretakers.
William Speare Madeline's alleged lover. Robert's friend.
Robert Beckford Stephen's brother.
Willis Madeline's doctor.
5 Rose Albert The murder victim.
Lucy Marling Rose's maid.
Lord Harvey Judge Albert's friend.
Judge Albert Rose's father.
Hugh Albert Rose's brother.
Peter Albert Rose's brother.
Mrs. Albert Rose's mother.
Mary One of the Albert's maids.
Edith Harvey Rose's friend.
Anthony Thurgood Rose's fiancé.
6 Louisa Lady Edith's aunt.
James Branden Edith's boyfriend.
Pat Doyle Carravan's closest friend.
Lord Blandford One of Edith's friends.
Mr. Wallis One of Edith's friends.
Edgar Haverling The Alberts's solicitor.
Hester Lady Edith's maid.
Mr. Dilts Lady Edith's footmen.
Mr. Greene Lady Edith's footmen.
Percy Dukehart One of Rose's suitors.
Melinda Fenton The girl Dukehart is currently courting.
7 Phillip Durell A jewelry store owner.
Jack Brogan A ruthless gang leader. AKA: Bones.
Thierry The count.
Marie Etienne Nitot A jeweler in 1780.
Francoise Nitot Marie's son.
Pierre Couillard Marie's apprentice.
8 Mary Doyle Pat's mother. AKA: Ma.
Elsie Ma Doyle's niece.
Collin Ma Doyle's nephew.
O'Hagan Carravan's former boxing agent.
Aileen Ma Doyle's sister.
Harry Lish Aileen's son.
9 Loomis A security at Pemberton Club.
Sam Arthur's friend.
11 Andrew Pascal Dukehart's friend.
Warner Dukehart's butler.
Lord Wallace One of Rose's admirers.
Lord Lewis Dukehart's friend.
12 Mansel The clerk.
Je Parle Francais The French boy.
Therese Bonavelle Edouard's wife.
Edouard Bonavelle Therese's husband.
Inspector Leigh One of Carravan's men.
13 Nurse Aimes Madeline's nurse.
Cathy Stiles's sister.
14 Jonas Pye One of Blair's policemen.
Kevin Walsh The man that Pye and Wick murdered.
Steve Wick One of Blair's policemen.
15 Harriet Stephen's maid.
Quincy Stephen's butler.
Mr. Taft A private detective.
Mrs. Wilkins One of Stephen's maids.
16 Sergeant Mason A police in River Police Division.
Terrington A businessman.
17 Henry Charles Brandling An artist.
18 Benjamin Fiedler Phillip's co-jeweler.
Lyvina Baldwin Rose's aunt.
19 John Fishel A newspaperman.
20 Jane Dorstone The 2nd victim.
Sidney Dorstone Jane's brother.
Isabella Levering Jane's friend.
Joseph Mr. Dorstone's driver.
Samuel Gordon One of Jane's suitors.
Robert Eddington Jane's boyfriend.
24 Nate McLoughlin A convicted kidnapper.
25 Mr. Harper The facility administrator.
Tom Flynn A journalist.
Mrs. Winn A nurse.
Mrs. Newcomb Winn's superior.
26 Nurse Hayes The head nurse.
Charlotte Forsyte-Munro The surviving victim.
27 Dr. Masterson Dr. Forsyte's colleague.
Dr. Forsyte Charlotte's father.
Margaret Forsyte Charlotte's mother.
29 Lady Elaine A princess in Astolat.
33 Mr. Bell The chapel's gardener.
34 Maud One of Forsyte's maids.
Mrs. Beale One of the maids.
36 Timmy One of the messengers from the Yard.
Mrs. Tell A friend of Harry's mother.
37 Catherine Belinda's sister.
39 Andrew Munro Charlotte's husband.
Thomas Cubitt One of the building firm owners.
Walter Angstrom One of the building firm owners.
Charles Westingford The assistant to the Home Secretary.
Stephen Vernon Harcourt The Home Secretary.
40 Emma Moontooth The 4th victim.
Mills A police inspector.
Gemma Greene Missing.
Katy Dewy The girl that Nate admired.
Joan Nate's mother.
Margery Flaxwell One of Nate's friends.
Dick Connelly One of Nate's friends.
Mr. Gordon The superintendent in Lambert.
Batholomew Griffiths Dr. Forsyte's barrister.
41 David Cobb Emma's fiancé.
Tom Finney The detective-in-charge on Kevin's case.
Liam Kevin's brother.
Cecil Lowell The member of the board.
Rachel Wells One of Beckford's maids.
Mrs. Sudbury Rachel's new boss.
42 Elaine Price One of Beckford's kitchen maids.
43 Bernard Price Elaine's father.
Alan Moontooth Emma's father.
Gordon Trask A foreman.
44 Sidney Morris Sidney Drew's uncle.
46 Wooster One of Carravan's old friends.
Bowen Wooster's foreman.
47 Anna Griffith Bartholomew's daughter.
50 Sarah Catherine's maid.

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