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Kristian Fabricante
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 Huguette MarcelleClarkProtagonist. AKA: Hugs.
 Harris One of the housemen.
 WalterArmstrongThe Clarks's chauffeur.
 AlmaArmstrongWalter's widow.
1Louise AmeliaAndree ClarkHuguette's sister.
 W.A.ClarkThe former senator. Huguette and Andree's father. AKA: Will Andrews.
 AnnaLachapelle-ClarkHuguette's mother.
 HenriDeglaneThe designer of Grand Palais.
 J.P.MorganOne of Clark's guests.
 AndrewCarnegieOne of Clark's guests.
2SamuelMorseThe inventor of the first long-distance telegraph.
 JohnClarkW.A.'s father.
 JohnAdamsThe new president.
 Mary AndrewsClarkW.A.'s mother.
 ElizabethClarkW.A.'s sister.
 Jeff DavisGulchA gold miner.
 BrighamYoungThe mormon girl that W.A. met.
 HenryPlummerThe leader of the robbers.
 CorneliusHodgesThe state lodge's long-time secretary.
 JohnReedDied in infancy.
 JosephKithcartDied in infancy.
 Elizabeth Died in infancy.
 Margaret Died in infancy.
 Johnson Died in infancy.
 MaryMargaretW.A.'s sibling.
 JamesRossW.A.'s sibling.
 George W.A.'s sibling.
 Anna Belle W.A.'s sibling.
 EffieEllenOne of the Clarks. Paul Newell's grandmother. AKA: Ella.
3Katherine LouiseStaffeurW.A.'s first wife.
 Mary JoaquinaClarkKate and W.A.'s daughter.
 Charles WalkerClarkKate and W.A.'s son.
   One of the girls W.A. supported.
 PhilomeneLachapelleAnna's mother.
 PierreLachaAnna's father.
 Hattie RoseLaubeOne of W.A.'s girlfriends.
 MaryMcNellisOne of W.A.'s girlfriends.
 Paul ClarkNewell Sr.Ella's son.
 KatherineClarkW.A.'s daughter.
 WillClarkW.A.'s son.
 Anita Elizabeth's daughter.
Mary Elizabeth's daughter.
4CarolineAstorAn American socialite.
 CharlesSchwabAn American investor.
 ThomasHopeAn English collector.
 AntonioCanovaAn Italian sculptor.
 JeanBaptisteA French artist.
 CamilleCorotA French artist.
 JosephDuveenW.A.'s purveyor of Fine Art.
 MarcusDalyW.A.'s main rival.
 CharlieClarkW.A.'s son.
 JohnWellcomeClark's campaign manager.
 W.W.BeasleyA Republican who voted for Clark.
 RobertSmithMontana governor.
 AlfredDreyfusThe French Artillery officer.
 JohnNeillEditor of Helena Independent.
 MichaelMaloneA historian.
 Henry HuttlestonRogersW.A.'s main opponent in the Oil Business.
 SamuelClemensRoger's best friend.
 ThomasLawsonA financier.
5George V The current King of UK.
 QueenElizabethThe current Queen.
 KatherineMorrisW.A.'s niece.
 Walter MillerClarkHuguette's first cousin.
 MadameSandreHuguette's governess and tutor.
 EmmaGoldmanAn orator.
 FrankLittleA Union organizer.
 Gerladine LehaneCoffeyHuguette's nurse.
 AlmaGuyHuguette's gym teacher.
 William GordonLyleW.A.'s personal physician.
 KarineMcCallCharie's daughter.
 Agnes ClarkAlbertDaughter of W.A.'s niece.
 MissSpenceThe boarding school owner.
 LouiseWattA banker's daughter. Huguette's classmate.
 DorothyWarrenHuguette's classmate.
 CalvinCoolidgeA President.
 Alma The girl who claims W.A.'s daughter.
 Effie The girl who claims W.A.'s daughter.
 Addie The girl who claims W.A.'s daughter.
 William RandolphHearstA newspaper publisher.
6W.C.DurantA founder of General Motors.
 Herbert LeePrattJohn Rockefeller's partner.
 TadeuszStykaThe favorite artist of the Clarks.
 CharlieChaplinA filmmaker.
 PolaNegriA Polish actress.
 RudolphValentinoHuguette's boyfriend.
 William MacdonaldGowerHuguette's fiancĂ©. AKA: Bill.
 William Bleckly-GowerW.A's accountant. Bill's father.
 WilliamMangamAn author.
 HadassahPeriHuguette's nurse.
 GeorgePale17-year-old son of Will Jr.'s housekeeper.
 W.A. ClarkIIIW.A Jr's son.
 Leontine LyleAnna's goddaughter. AKA: Tina.
 Ann EllisThe Clark's lawyer.
 WenndellWilkieA Republican Presidential candidate.
 PaulineDe LobelAnna's aunt.
 HelenIvesThe personal maid.
 HildaCarlsonThe personal maid.
 ShryaGoldenHuguette's cook.
 JamesSmithHuguette's butler.
 JosephJones Chauffeur.
 MargaretDuffyParlor maid.
 GurbildBerkerAssistant cook.
 Mary Agnes Charlie's daughter.
 Patsey Charlie's daughter.
 Jerry GrayPatsey's son.
 HenriTemiankaA violinist.
 PaulCezannevAn artist.
 RobertMaasA cellist.
 EmilHermannA dealer in Rare Instrument.
 EdwardFitzgeraldDuke of Leinter. Huguette's lover.
 AmeliaSempleAnna's sister.
 DarringtonSempleAmelia's husband.
 DarringtonSemple JrDarrington's son. AKA: Darry.
7Etienne Allardde VillermontHuguette's boyfriend.
 ClaireSmithEtienne's ex-fiancĂ©.
 ElisabethSmithEtienne's wife.
 Marie-Christine Etienne and Elisabeth's adopted daughter.
 Henri Etienne's brother.
 RudolphJaklitschRudolph's wife.
 LindaKasakyanRudolph and Anna's daughter.
 ManonIesselA French Illustrator.
 SaburoKawakamiA Japanese artist.
 Mrs.CaterinaThe wife of an art dealer.
 FelixLoriouxThe illustrator of Mickey Mouse.
 ArtineCourbalkA French bookbinder.
 Lily Felix's wife.
 Herouard Huguette's close friend.
 J.PPinchonHuguette's artist friend.
8William MillerGrahamAn Oklahoma oilman.
 Lee EleanorGrahamWilliam's wife.
 Barbara Hoelscher-DoranThe daughter of an estate manager.
 ThomasMortonAnna's butler.
 JohnDouglasThe estate manager of Bellosguardo.
 MarvinDavisA Hollywood billionaire.
 TyWarnerBeanie Babies Tycoon.
 DonWallaceHuguette's lawyer.
 SheilaLodgeThe Mayor.
 LorraineHoelscherThe 2nd wife of an estate manager.
 AlmaArmstrongThe chauffeur's widow.
 SylviaMoralesHuguette's maid.
9ConstanceToulminBill's wife.
 George White-Baxter Former Governor. Constance's father.
 DeliaHealyHuguette's full-time caretaker.
10SuzannePierreHuguette's friend.
 JulesPierreHuguette's long-time doctor. Suzanne's husband.
 JackRudickHuguette's surgeon.
 Dr.SingmanOne of Huguette's doctors.
 JohnWolffDr. Singman's internist.
 CaterinaMarshHuguette's coordinator of art.
 ChrisSattlerHuguette's doll fixer.
 Ninta Madame Sandre's daughter.
 GwendolynJenkinsA nurse's aide.
 IrvingGordonJenkins's patient.
 Francis PaulClarkW.A.'s youngest son.
 Doris Tade's new wife.
 WandaMagdaleine-StykaTade and Doris's daughter.
 IrvingKamslerHuguette's accountant.
 AbrahamPeriHadassah's son.
 GeulaPeriHadassah's daughter.
 DavidPeriHadassah's son.
 WallyBockHuguette's new attorney.
 DanielPeriHadassah's husband.
 CharlesBeareThe London Violin expert.
 DavidFultonA software millionaire.
 JamesEhnesA violinist.
11RobertNewmanThe hospital president
 JackRudickHuguette's surgeon.
 Hyman The hospital director.
 JohnReedThe bank chairman.
12FrankGehryAn architect.
 DavidLevyThe Corcoran president and director.
 CarlaHall-FriedmanHuguette's great grand-niece.
 ErikaHallCarla's mother.
 AgnesAlbertHuguette's niece.
 PaulGreenhalghCorcoran's new director.
 Ian ClarkDevineHuguette's great grand-nephew.
 ChristineYsitThe weekend nurse.
 JudithSloanWallace's god-daughter.
13TimGrayW.A.'s adoptive grandson.
 Jerry GrayTims brother.
 ClareAlbertHuguette's grandniece.
 LouiseKlebanoffHuguette's neurologist.
 EricSchneidermanNew York attorney general.

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