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INLAND by Tea Obreht

Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   The Missouri
 Stambul Lurie's father.
 Coachman Lurie's employer.
 Lurie Narrator. AKA: Misafir.
 Saurelle Lurie's new boss.
 HobbMattieMichael's brother.
 Donovan MichaelMattieLurie's close friend.
 RobertJenkinsThe man who was robbed.
 AveryBennettMattie's cousin.
 MatherBennettMattie's cousin. Avery's brother.
 JohnBergerPeyton County Marshal.
 LewisRifflesThe Miller's son.
 JamesPearsonThe kid that Donovan murdered.
 ColinPhillipsA magistrate.
 TobyLarkEmmett's son.
 NoraLarkToby's mother. Emmett's wife.
 Robert CadeLarkNora's son.
 Dolan MichaelLarkNora's son.
 EmmettLarkNora's husband.
 DocAlmenaraNora's doctor. AKA: Hector Almenara Vega.
 Josie Emmett's Ward and occult cousin.
 Evelyn AbigailLarkNora and Emmett's dead daughter.
 HarrietLarkEmmett's mother.
 Desma Nora's friend and neighbor.
 Ellen FrancisVolkNora's mother.
 ReyRuizA water-witch. Desma's 2nd husband.
 Martha Josie's mother. Emmett's cousin.
 ReverendKincaidJosie's father.
 Bill The Lark's camel.
 GeorgeHamillJosie's friend. A correspondence.
 MissClaverThe woman who runs Heart & Hand Club.
 Lenore Emmett's sister.
 MossRileyThe Paloma Innkeeper.
 RobertGrisDesma's first husband.
 ReverendMilesThe current priest.
 MerrionCraceOwner of Crace Cattle Company.
 HarlanBellThe sheriff.
 BertrandStillsThe print house owner.
 FerdyKosticThe mailman.
 MortonHoleA lumber-mill foreman.
 Michael Nora's brother.
 SandyFreedA tolerable lodger.
 PaulGriggsThe waterman.
   The San Antonio
 Burke A dromedary camel.
 HadjiAliThe camel driver. Lurie's companion. AKA: Hi Jolly, Filip Tedro.
 Henry ConstantineWayneThe camel owner. Jolly's boss.
 Seid Burke's cousin.
 Tulli The great red dromedary.
 Greek GeorgeJolly's colleague. AKA: Yiorgis.
 Lilo George's soft face Mehmed Halil.
 Adnan George's bull.
 MicoTedroJolly's cousin.
 Maida George's camel.
 GeraldShawLurie's military escort.
 AbsalomReadingThe cook. AKA: Ab.
 LeeWaldenThe cavalry captain who came through Fort Green.
 Savedra The Mexican scout.
 NedBealeAb's old friend. An explorer. AKA: Edward Fitzgerald Beale.
 KitCarsonNed's brother-in-arms.
 Long TomOne of the cameleers.
 Elias One of the cameleers.
 HaziosmanDjuricLurie's father.
 Saleh One of the camels.
 LloydBeecherA geologist.
 FrankTibbertBeecher's colleague.
 MillieRileyMoss's wife. AKA: Millicent.
 Juan CarlosEscondidoA merchant.
 DancePrescottThe marshal at AZ territory.
 ArmandoCortezThe professor.
   The Colorado
 Williams Beale's geologist.
 RichardNightMartin's tracker.
 MartinCruzadoThe man who sent his boys to the flock.
 PatsyFordThe owner of the missing dog.
 DuenaMariaJolly's companion.
 PeytonLandersA Carolina prospector. Nora's friend.
 AmadaDe AlmenaraThe doctor's wife.
 WaltonPickneyThe hotelier.
 Emma Konig-BellHarlan's new wife.
 SaraWrightEmma's handmaid.
 MacCalwellHarlan's predecessor.
 SalehAbregadoA sportsman. Nora's acquaintance.
 LordEllsworthNora's former employer.
 Albert Nora's father.
 SamMulvaneyA cattleman.
 SonnyAsterfieldThe man who brought Nora to Pony Express.
 SimonVelmanA press for Dakota Territory.
 PedroSanchezA criminal.
   The Salt
 Trudie Jolly's wife.

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