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Kristian Fabricante
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   Part 1
1LadySt. HelierClementine's benefactress.
 ClementineHozierNarrator and Protagonist. Aka: Clemmie, Cat.
 Mary St. Helier's housemaid.
 Nellie Clementine's sister.
2LenaWhyteClementine's cousin. A dressmaker.
 Kitty Clementine's older sister.
 CamillePissaroAn artist.
 WinstonChurchillClementine's husband. Aka: Pug.
 BranStokerThe Dracula author.
 BeatriceHarrisClementine's head mistress at Berkhamsted.
 Bill Nellie's twin. Clementine's brother.
 SidneyCornwallis-PeelRobert's grandson.
 RobertPeelA former prime minister.
 LionelEarleOne of Clementine's fiances.
 LadyBlancheClementine's grandmother.
3Duke Of MarlboroughWinston's cousin. Aka: Sunny, Earl of Sunderland.
 HenryHozierClementine's father.
 LadyChurchillWinston's mother. Aka: Jennie Jerome.
 GwendelineBertieJack's new wife. Aka: Goonie.
 KingEdwardThe current king.
 KaiserWilhelmThe current German emperor.
 CapabilityBrownAn English gardener and landscape architect.
4ClareFrewenWinston's cousin. One of Clementine's bridesmaids.
 VenetiaStanleyClementine's cousin One of Clementine's bridesmaids.
 HoratiaSeymourClementine's friend.
 WilliamGladstoneThe prime minister.
 VioletAsquithVenetia's best friend. Herbet's daughter.
 Herbert HenryAsquithThe new liberal prime minister.
 David LloydGeorgeThe chancellor of the exchequer. Winston's predecessor.
 GeorgeCornwallis-WestJennie's new husband.
 AlgernonBertram Freeman-MitfordThe first baron Redesdale.
 HughCecilA baron.
 BishopWelldonThe marriage officiant.
   Part 2
6DianaChurchillClemmie and Winston's daughter.
7RandolphChurchillClemmie and Winston's son. Aka: Chumbolly.
8Helen Clemmie's personal maid.
 Stewart One of Winston's servants.
9GrandmotherStanleyClemmie's grandmother.
 Margot Henry's wife.
10LordPirrieClemmie and Winston's hosts.
 F.ESmithWinston's friend.
12Kitchener The field marshal.
13FranzFerdinandThe archduke. Murdered.
14GeorgeCallaghanThe admiral.
 SarahChurchillClemmie and Winston's daughter.
15ReginaldMcKennaThe home secretary.
 EarlKitchenerThe secretary of state for war.
 RichardValdaneThe lord chancellor viscount.
 WalterRuncimanThe president of the board of trade.
16DeRobeckThe new vice admiral.
 AndrewBonar-LawThe conservative leader.
 EdwinMontaguVenetia's fiancé. The junior minister.
17BertramRomilyNellie's fiancé.
 JohnLaveryClemmie's friend. A painter.
 HazelLaveryJohn's wife.
 MauriceBonham-CarterViolet's fiancé.
   Part 3
19Dr.GomezWinston's doctor.
 LawrenceBellA well-known archaeologist.
 GertrudeBellA key political adviser.
 ArchieSinclairWinston's private secretary.
 Lawrence The colonel.
 MarigoldChurchillClemmie and Winston's daughter.
 Bessie Clemmie's maid.
20Mrs.BurdenClemmie's friend.
 Rose Clemmie's new French nanny.
 ThomasWaldenWinston's manservant.
22MaryChurchillClemmie and Winston's daughter. Aka: Baby Bud.
 MaryottWhyteClemmie's 1st cousin. Aka: Moppet.
 LadyMaudeMaryott's mother. Clemmie's aunt.
 Grace One of Clemmie's servants.
 Johnny Jack and Goonie's son.
 Peregrine Jack and Goonie's son.
 Clarissa Jack and Goonie's daughter.
 Giles Nellie and Bertram's son.
 Esmond Nellie and Bertram's son.
23Pakenham-Walsh The lieutenant colonel.
 ErnstHanfstaenglA fine arts publishing house owner. Putzi's father.
24LordMoyneThe financial secretary to the treasury.
 VeraBroughtonLord Moyne's mistress.
 KomodoDragonThe giant lizard.
25TerencePhilipKnoedler's director of London branch.
 LeeGuinnessMoyne's cousin.
 PosyGuinnessLee's wife.
26EdwardVIIIThe current King of the U.K.
 FrederickLindemannThe professor from Oxford University that Winston recruited.
 RalphWigramOne of the men that Winston recruited.
 Chamberlain A prime minister.
 Baldwin A prime minister.
 AdolfHitlerThe Nazi leader.
 Mussolini The leader of National Fascist Party.
 Judy Venetia's daughter.
 DuncanSandysDiana's husband.
 VicOliverAn Austrian-born actor.
 SarahOliverVic's wife.
 AnthonyEdenOne of the members of the parliament.
 AlfredDuffOne of the members of the parliament.
 Cooper One of the members of the parliament.
 Bob BoothbyOne of the members of the parliament.
 BrendanBrackenOne of the members of the parliament.
29Duff The lord admiral.
 Julian Diana's son.
 Edwina Diana's daughter.
 PamelaDigbyThe eldest daughter of Lord Digby. Clemmie's daughter-in-law.
30MissHallOne of Winston's housemaids.
 MissWatsonOne of Winston's housemaids.
 JockColvilleWinston's private secretary.
31Mrs.LandemareClemmie's cook.
32TommyThompsonWinston's bodyguard.
33MayTennantThe woman from Red Cross.
 MalcolmMacDonaldThe minister of health
34Mr.PeacockClemmie's instructor.
35JessicaMitfordEsmond's cousin.
 DeGaulleThe France general.
37PresidentRooseveltThe current U.S. President.
 HarryHopkinsThe U.S. secretary of commerce.
38JosephKennedy Sr.The American ambassador.
 GilWinantA former republican governor.
 AverellHarrimanClemmie's new guest.
39StanleyLiefClemmie's doctor.
40KathleenHarrimanAverell's daughter.
 PugIsmayWinston's chief military assistant.
41EleanorRooseveltThe U.S. first lady.
 AnnaRooseveltEleanor's eldest daughter.
 AlanBrookeChief of the imperial general staff.
 HenryMorgenthau Jr.Secretary of the U.S. Treasury.
42JosephStalinThe Russian leader.
 W.LMackenzie-KingThe Liberal prime minister of Canada.
43LordMoranWinston's doctor.
 DwightEisenhowerAn American general.
45MabelJohnsonThe secretary to the aid to Russia fund.
 IvanMaiskyThe former Russian Ambassador.
 PaulinaMolotovIvan's wife.
 Mrs.KislovaClemmie's interpreter.
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