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Robyn Roberts
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 Christian Pilgrim woman, 1700's, Colony of Massachusetts, North America.
 PrayingIndianPilgrim Woman's second husband, Native American Indian.
2CharlesOsgoodsAn English Major. Served in the French and Indian campaigns. Had Pneumonia.
  RumboldMajor Osgoods batman.
 John Charles's sisters' husband. Also served in Quebec.
 Constance Sister of Charles Osgood.
 Dr.Arbuthnota.k.a. 'Dr. 'Wrong-o-Leg'.
 AliceOsgoodTwin sister of Mary. Daughter of Charles Osgood.
 MaryOsgoodTwin sister of Alice. Daughter of Charles Osgood.
 ReverendCarterMinister of Oakfield town. Sold land to Charles Osgood.
 Anne Charles Osgoods' old servant.
 Sam Negro worker for Charles Osgood.
 Thomas Negro worker for Charles Osgood.
 Betsy Sam's wife.
 JohnCarpenterBuilder of Charles Osgoods lemon yellow house.
 Mr.LeeApple farmer.
 Mr.PalmerApple farmer.
 Mrs.KirkpatrickWidowed apple farmer.
3GeorgeCarter (Jr.)Son of Reverend Carter.
 RobertJonesHiggler' of knick-knacks.
 Mr. & Mrs.van HasselFarmers.
 Joe (Mr.)WalkerOld Indian.
 Jenny Minister's old servant.
 AmosCrawfordOldest son of town fence viewer.
 ArthurBartonPotter. Alice's suitor.
 HattieMartinDied in childbirth.
 Cristobal Spanish merino sheep.
 Sukey Swayback ewe.
4Phalen Slave catcher.
 Esther 18 yr old escaped slave with infant child.
 Katherine Wife of WHT.
  TrevorsPossible builder (unclear) of WHT.
 William HenryTealea.k.a. WHT. Artist (painter).
 Annie Girl hired to keep house for WHT.
 ErasmusNashAuthor. Friend of WHT.
  PrescottWHT's agent/accountant.
 Clara Nash's wife.
 Ottilie Child of WHT.
 Mr.HalfpennyOakfield lawyer.
 Billy Halfpenny's farmhand.
 Willa Girl working at butter mill.
5Unknown Female aged care worker looking after 75 yr old WHT.
 MrLundYardman for elderly WHT.
6EdithSimmonsa.k.a. Anastasia Rossi. Charlatan who conducts séances.
 Mrs. EmilyFarnsworthHysterical wife who hears ghosts of the house.
 Mr KarlFarnsworthOwner of 'The Catamount Lodge'. Businessman.
 GeorgeRossiEdith's lover and manager.
 LillianFarnsworthDaughter of Farnsworths. A.k.a. Lily. Mother of Robert. A.k.a Mrs S.
7Robert Son of Lillian. Diagnosed as schizophrenic. Talks of 'Soul Heirs', "the Harrow', and 'Stitchings'.
 Helen Younger sister of Robert. Literature / Poetry Professor in California.
 Anneli Lillian's employee, a Finnish woman who helps care for Robert.
 Dr.BarnesSecond doctor with differing opinion about Robert.
8Tom Honeymooner.
9AgnesTaylorTown Librarian.
 John T.TurnbullProfessor at Community College. Organizer of pen-pal program 'Benevolents'. Author of 'Captivity Tales'.
 Agnes Member of 'Benevolents'.
 SallyGarfiled.Member of 'Benevolents'.
 HenryJonesLillian's Benevolent pen-pal (prisoner). A 'confessor'.
 Gail TurnerHenry Jones previous Benevolent pen-pal.
 Charlie Lillian's terrier.
 WilliamBlakeLillian's Benevolent pen-pal (prisoner).
 EdwardKellyLillian's Benevolent pen-pal (prisoner).
 HarlanKaneLillian's Benevolent pen-pal (prisoner).
 Harriet Lillian's temporary part-time helper.
 Mr.IrvingLillian's neighbor.
 JackDunneWriter of regular column in 'True Crime' magazine.
  DoylePolice Captain.
 Beverly Police Station secretary.
  BurkePolice Sergeant.
  FlynnPolice Sergeant.
10Saul Helen's husband.
 Michael Helen's son in medical school.
 NatalieBircha.k.a 'Bold Bug'. Helen's second-year graduate student.
  HopkinsRobert's neighbors.
 MitchHarwoodAn address 'lecture' given to Historical Society of Western Massachusetts.
 LeonardShepleyChairman of Historical Society of Western Massachusetts.
 RobertJorgensenProfessor of History at University of King's College.
 IsaacHillTrolley conductor (black man). Owner of 300 yr old bible brought to Canada by Great-grandmother. Contains the 'Nightmaid's Letter'.
 Jeremiah (Reverand)HillFather of Isaac.
 MorrisLakemanRetired CPA and Amateur historian.
 MiriamLakemanDeceased wife of Morris. Nee Lehrer.
 DorothyKettermanMember of Historical Society.
 MaudeLoomisMember of Historical Society.
 ShirleyPotterMember of Historical Society.
 EleanorThompsonMember of Historical Society.
 Rudolph Miriam's lover.
 Rachel Morris's daughter. Psychiatrist in Philly.
12Nora University student obsessed with 'nature'.
 Luz Nora's psychologist.
 Mark Nora's boyfriend.
 JanetEriksonHires 'Osgood's Pool Service'.

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EDITOR'S COMMENT: "Loved the history and concept of a time span in a static location.
It was an unusual book to list characters, as often they had no names
(included one as an important character); first or surnames were revealed at
different parts of the story, and have not included a few as they were referred to,
but had no other connection or relevance beyond the sentence."