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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1 Nicholas Hartley Alice's ex-boyfriend. AKA: Nick.
Stuart Marley The detective-in-charge of Alice's murder case.
Christopher Glassco Marley's partner.
Alice Poole Murdered.
Mark Woodcroft Alice's new boyfriend.
Grace Hutchinson An archaeologist who found a human skull.
Malcolm Briers Grace's boss.
Penny Cartwright A singer.
Gerry Masterson A detective constable.
Banks Protagonist.
Jackman Gerry's colleague.
Annie Cabbot Gerry's colleague.
Ray Cabbot Annie's father.
Yorkshire Ripper A serial killer. AKA: Peter Sutcliffe.
Jacqueline Hill The recent victim of the Yorkshire Ripper.
Dave One of Nick and Alice's neighbors.
Sally One of Nick and Alice's neighbors.
Maria One of Nick and Alice's neighbors.
Anton Nick's best friend.
Geoff Nick's neighbor. A librarian.
2 Nowak A CSI agent.
Gervaise The Chief Superintendent.
Karen Galway The Home Office Pathologist.
Morton One of Banks's associates.
Tracy Banks's daughter.
Steve Nick's friend.
Chris Nick's friend.
Jill The girl from Nick's tutorial group.
Russ Jill's friend.
Martin Jill's friend.
Liz Jill's friend.
Dick Burgess Bank's closest friend.
Nelia Ray Cabbot's partner.
Theresa May A former Home Secretary.
Jeremy Thorpe A political party leader.
Roy Jenkins The current Home Secretary.
3 Francis Runcorn Dr. Galway's forensic anthropologist.
Winsome One of Banks's associates.
Terry Winsome's husband.
Joshua Winsome's son.
Zelda Ray's girlfriend.
Harold Gillespie The owner of the farm where the human skull was found.
4 Gary Kirk The guy Alice used to hang around with.
Jasper Harold's dog.
Raglan A policewoman.
5 Jazz Singh One of the lab technicians.
Stefan The crime scene manager.
Kim Lee The scientific support coordinator.
Lucy Mark's neighbor.
Susie Lucy's roommate.
Ronald Gregory The chief constable.
George Oldfield The detective-in-charge of Ripper's case.
Leonard Farrier The head supervisor of Eastvale Drainage Solutions.
Jack Gillespie Harold's father.
6 Ron McLaughlin The assistant chief constable.
William Collins A detective constable. Aka: Wilkie.
Noel Pullman A local bookseller.
7 Reginald Poole Alice's father.
Joyce Poole Alice's mother.
8 Sylvia Gillespie Harold's wife.
Louise Harold's first wife.
Mandy Pembroke Alice's closest friend.
Barry Hargreaves Mandy's ex. Nick's friend.
Cyril A bar owner.
9 Liam Banks's carpenter friend.
Sonia Peter's wife.
Ken Blackstone One of Banks's associates.
Frances Lee The woman who found Alice dead body.
10 Olive Marley Christopher's wife.
Dobson A detective constable.
Michael Wesley A local crime kingpin.
Veronica Holden Wesley's wife.
11 Dick Ockham Editor of Ossett Observer.
Mary Dick's assistant.
Robert Holden Wesley and Veronica's son.
12 Millgarth The police desk officer.
Jack Hattersley Nick's new colleague.
Derek Younnis A war survivor.
Larry Fletcher The head honcho.
Bella Larry's girlfriend.
13 Kathleen Bryant Harold's lawyer.
Ron Maisonville Harold's old colleague.
Millie Dowling The murdered schoolgirl.

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