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STILL LIFE by Val McDermid

Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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Pro Billy Watson The man who found a murdered body.
Jackie Billy's cousin.
1 Daisy Mortimer Detective Sergeant.
Charlie Todd Daisy's boss. DCI.
Jenny Carmichael Forensic Pathologist.
2 Karen Pirie Detective Chief Inspector.
Hamish McKenzie Pirie's new boyfriend.
Pollock Sergeant from Pollock Street.
Jason Murray Pirie's bagman. AKA: The Mint.
3 Phil Pirie's dead lover.
Susan Leitch Amanda's ex-lover.
Stella Leitch Susan's sister.
River Wilde Forensic Pathologist in Dundee.
Jimmy Hutton Head of Police in Scotland.
5 Paul Allard A jazzman murdered. AKA: James Auld
Guillame Verancourt A French policeman.
6 Giorsal Kennedy Karen's friend.
Amena The waiter.
Merrick Shand Phil's killer.
7 Amanda McAndrew Susan's partner.
Duncan Stella's partner.
Barry McAndrew Amanda's father.
8 Pete Gordon Detective Constable.
Mary Auld Lain Auld's wife.
Lain Auld James's brother.
9 Tamsin Martina A police technician.
10 Iris Blackford Mary's neighbor and friend.
11 Jennifer Shand Merrick's sister.
Luke Gray Jennifer's boyfriend.
12 Pascale Vargas James's girlfriend.
13 Declan Burns Amanda's former neighbor.
Camilla Mordo-Bruce Amanda's former neighbor.
Dani Gilmartin Amanda's lover.
14 Ann Markie Assistant Chief Constable (ACC).
17 Anders Karen's barista.
18 Ronan Jason's brother.
Anita McAndrew Barry's wife. Amanda's mother.
Jean-Claude Gautier The chef de groupe of the team.
19 Samira Dr. River's acquaintance.
Buck Ruxton The doctor who murdered his wife and maid.
20 Thomas Gilmartin Dani's father. AKA: Tam.
Lizzie Dani's mother.
21 Giles Chevrolet One of Les Gautier's officers.
23 Ron Beckett Detective Chief Superintendent.
28 Livy Archibald The owner of the cottage where James was killed.
29 John Surman A saxophonist.
30 Miran The manager. Amera's husband.
David Greig A young British artist.
32 Eilidh Jason's girlfriend.
33 Alisdaire Darnley Greig's former professor.
Kurt Schwitters German college artist.
34 Verity Foggo An actress. James's friend.
35 Fred Bloggs Verity's friend.
Megan Verity's friend.
Nora Brooke The National Galleries of Scotland curator.
Ruth Wardlaw The fiscal deputy.
39 Francis Flaxner Geary A gallery owner.
42 David Cameron The key holder of Isherwood Studios.
45 Sandra Murray Jason's mother.
48 Elvira Mr. Geary's gallery assistant.
50 Calum Nugent Chief Inspector.

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Still Life suggested by Elizabeth Robinson