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TELL NO ONE by Harlan Coben

Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabriconte
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1David CraigBeck Protagonist. AKA: Dr. Beck.
 Terrell  The boyfriend of Beck's patient.
 Wanda  A receptionist.
 ShaunaCrimstein A plus-sized model. Linda's partner.
 ElizabethParker-Beck Dr. Beck's wife. Murdered. AKA: Sarah Goodhart, Lisa Sherman.
 Mark  Dr. Beck's nephew.
 LindaBeck Dr. Beck's older sister.
 Brandy  Dr. Beck's ex-lover.
 Whiskey  Brandy's sister.
 Chloe  Dr. Beck's dog.
 Lowell  The sheriff.
 ElroyKellerton Elizabeth's murderer. AKA: Killroy.
4VicLetty A scammer.
 Tony  Vic's cousin.
 RandallScope One of Vic's rich clients.
 SammyViiola Vic's friend.
5HoytParker Elizabeth's father.
 KenParker Hoyt's brother. Elizabeth's uncle.
 LarryGandle Griffith's closest confidant.
 EricWu Vic Letty's killer. Larry's hit man.
 Benny  The man who runs a crematorium.
 RobertWolfe One of Griffith's hired hit men. Murdered. AKA: Bob.
 MelvinBartola One of Griffith's hired hit men. Murdered. AKA: Mel.
 GriffithScope A billionaire. Hoyt's old classmate.
6KimParker Elizabeth's mother.
7BrandonScope Griffith's murdered son.
 RandallScope Griffith's son.
 AllisonScope Griffith's wife.
 EdwardGandle Larry's father.
9NickCarlson FBI's special agent.
 TomStone Carlson's partner.
11JeremiahRenway A bomber.
 EvelynCosmeer Jeremiah's colleague.
 Perry  Jeremiah's cousin.
12TyreseBarton Beck's friend.
 LatishaBarton Tyrese's wife.
 T.J  Tyrese and Latisha's son.
 RebeccaSchayes Elizabeth's closest friend.
14Carlo  The parking attendant.
 PeterFlannery A lawyer.
16FarrellLynch The man who works at Digicom.
17PattyGandle Larry's wife.
18GaryLamont Rebecca's husband.
19JordanGoldman Beck's former classmate.
20ArturoRamirez Rebecca's assistant.
21TimothyHarper The county medical examiner.
22RolandDimonte The detective-in-charge of Rebecca's case.
 KevinKrinsky Dimonte's partner.
 RaisaMarkov The nurse of Dr. Beck's grandfather.
23LanceFein An Assistant District Attorney.
26Brutus  Tyrese's companion.
28StephenBeck Dr. Beck's father.
32HelioGonzalez The kid who was arrested for killing Brandon.
34Emily  The airport attendant.
35Donna  A National Tracing Center agent.
37Cheryl  Hester's secretary.
39WendyPetino Shauna's friend and co-model.
 Omay  Wendy's guru.
40Frederic  A photographer.
 ArethaFeldman Shauna's agent.

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