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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   Part 1
2KeithRudyHugh's teammate.
 HughMalcoKeith's teammate.
 HarryCarayA broadcaster.
 JackBuckA broadcaster.
 DeJeanPackingA baseball team owner.
 LanceMalcoHugh's father. A mafia boss. Aka: The Boss.
 CarmenMalcoHugh's mother.
3OronMalkovicHugh's grandfather. Aka: Aaron Malco.
 LidaSimonovichAaron's wife. Hugh's grandmother.
 Herbert The town's priest.
4JesseRudyKeith's father.
 Harry A marine. Deceased.
 AgnesRudyA nurse. Keith's mother.
 BeverlyRudyKeith's sister.
 LauraRudyKeith's sister.
 FelixPerryJesse's college friend.
 Debbie Felix's hostess.
 SherryAnnJesse's hostess.
 Snead A local operator.
5Cleveland A gangster who owned Foxy's.
 NevinNollLance's security.
6CindyMurdockThe girl Hugh falls in love with.
 RogertBrewerA car dealer.
 AlbertBowmanThe sheriff at Harrison County. Aka: Fats.
7RuddKilgoreFats' chief deputy.
 Tip A policeman. One of Lance's securities.
 ChickO'MalleyOwner of O'Malley's pub.
 Gabe A one-armed bandit. Kilgore's associate.
8ShineTannerA hustler. A casino owner.
 Lonnnie The waitress.
 MillieMoseleyGuy's wife.
 GuyMoseleyJesse's clients.
9JimmyPattersonHugh's opponent.
 Buster Hugh's boxing coach.
 FuzzFosterA Biloxi boxer.
10Marcus DeanPoppyOwner of Carousel Lounge.
 EarlFortierLance's trusted lieutenant.
 RitaLutenFortier's girlfriend.
 Mr.BullingtonFortier's neighbor.
 HeywoodHesterThe sheriff at Jackson County.
 JoshuaBurchA well-known criminal defense lawyer.
 Wilfred The waiter.
11PatGraebelThe prosecutor.
 Bridgette One of the witnesses.
12DennySmithKeith and Hugh's friend.
 JoeyGrasichKeith and Hugh's friend.
 PhilArkwrightThe owner of the cockfight arena.
13RexDubbisonThe current D.A.
   Part 2
14DickieSloanA young lawyer. Jesse's campaign manager.
 JarvisDeckerOne of Jesse's former clients.
15ConnieBurnsThe girl that Jarvis allegedly raped.
 DenisePerkinsOne of Jarvis's victims.
 SybilWelchOne of Jarvis's victims.
18GenePettigrewThe one who was rescued.
 GagePettigrewGene's twin.
 NelsonOliphantThe judge.
 SimmonsWebbThe lead counsel for ARU.
 DustyCromwellA bar owner.
 MikeSavageThe go-to arsonist.
 Clamps One of Dusty's gun thugs. Aka: Willie Tucker.
 Ron WayneHansomA Dixie mafia hit man.
19ThomasLunaOne of Jesse's clients.
 OscarLanskyOne of Jesse's clients.
 PaulNikovichOne of Jesse's clients.
 Mr.McDanielOwner of ARU.
 Mr.MasonOne of the jewelry store owners.
 Mr.TooleOne of the jewelry store owners.
 Percival The dealer.
 Mandy The clerk at Tony's.
23TimRudyKeith's brother.
 EganClementJesse's friend and colleague.
 Rubio The man who murders his own family.
24AndyRizzoA thug.
 PatGraebelThe D.A. for 19th circuit.
 Jason A policeman in Pascagoula.
 LeonBakerThe chancellor.
 ChuckArmstrongA policeman from moss point.
 DennisGreenleafOne of the witnesses.
26EganClementAn assistant district attorney.
 HaleyStoferJesse's spy/informant.
27MarleneHitchcockJosh's star witness.
 Mrs.BarnesOne of the jurors.
28JoeNunzioOne of the jurors.
 PaulDeweyOne of the jurors.
 ChickHutchinsonsOne of the jurors.
29CaptainPeteThe Pan American Clipper captain.
 BillWallerThe governor.
32Blaze A stripper.
 DuffMcIntoshA criminal defense lawyer.
 FritzHaberstrohOne of the defendants.
33JacksonLewisA special agent.
34CootReedThe long-time general manager of Foxy's.
 BobbyLopezThe floor manager at Foxy's.
 SpenceWhiteheadA special agent. Lewis's colleague.
   Part 3
35Big RedThe courthouse janitor.
36AinsleyHartKeith's wife.
37BayardWolfMalco's hit man.
 JohnnyClarkA hit man.
38Lyle The bomber who killed Jesse Rudy. Aka: Henry Taylor.
42CliffFinchThe Governor.
43CaptainMoffetHead of the state police.
44J.WGrossA private investigator.
 Mr.GettyHenry's new target.
47EddieMortonA career air force mechanic.
 MillardCantrellA defensive veteran. Noll's lawyer.
48ElizaRudyKeith and Ainsley's daughter.
 SamGrinderHenry's lawyer.
 Roach The judge at Henry's trial.
 ChuckMcClureThe district attorney.
50EddieMortonAn air force sergeant.
 BobbyLaMarqueA career errand boy for the Malco gang.
 KathyMalcoHugh's sister.
   Part 4
51Jimmy LeeGrayA rapist.
52Alfonso The man that Keith befriended. Haley Stofer's close friend.
53BillAllainThe current attorney general.
 SammyShawNoll's business partner.
55WittBeasleyThe man who runs AG's criminal appeal division.
57Marlin Sammy's brother.
 Scott Noll's new chauffeur.

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