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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1MitchMcDeereA lawyer.
 WillieBackstromOne of the law partners.
 TadKearnyThe man on death row. Mitch's client.
 AmosPatrickThe founder of Capital Defense Initiative.
2AbbyMcDeereMitch's wife.
 ClarkMcDeereMitch's son.
 Carter Clark's twin. Mitch's son.
 MarcoRosarioA chef.
 MarcelloRosarioA chef. Marco's brother.
4LamarQuinMitch's friends.
 KayQuinLamar's wife.
 WilsonQuinLamar and Kay's son.
 SuzanneQuinLamar and Kay's daughter.
 RayMcDeereMitch's brother.
 RoyceMcKnightMitch's old friend.
 AveryMcKnightMitch's old friend.
5JackRuchThe top man at Scully.
 LucaSandroniJack's colleague.
6Mia Luca's secretary.
 GiovannaSandroniLuca's daughter.
 MuammarGadaffiAntagonist. The colonel who builds the Gaddafi Bridge.
 OmarCelikLannak's CEO.
8SamirJambladA Lannak employee. Luca's friend.
 Aziz Mitch and Giovanna's Turkish security.
 Abdo Mitch and Giovanna's Turkish security.
 Gau Mitch and Giovanna's Turkish security.
 Haskel Mitch and Giovanna's Turkish security.
 Youssef A Lannak employee. The truck driver.
10Dr.OmranMitch's doctor.
11Walid Youssef's partner.
12RobertoMaggiA Scully partner.
13Bella Luca's friend.
14CoryGallantScully's chief of security.
 GinaNelliganAn art teacher.
15DenysTullosLannak's in-house counsel.
 DarianKasuchThe man who runs Crueggal Worldwide.
 Mr.WallThe head of Scully's DC office.
16AnitaSandroniLuca's wife.
 SergioSandroniLuca and Anita's son.
 Karlo Anita's boyfriend.
 Bella Luca's current girlfriend.
17AdheemBarakatA warlord and terrorist.
18StephenStodghillMitch's associate.
19AdamCelikOmar's son.
 JerryRobbAttorney of record for the state of Libya.
 VictoriaPoleyA former federal judge.
20RileyCaseyManaging partner of Scully's in London.
21Noura One of Abby's kidnappers.
22Barry Jack's brother.
23GilesGattersonMitch's acquaintance.
24Alvin Cory's associate.
 Tanner Barry's all-around man.
25Mr.BarryA mansion owner. Mitch's friend.
 HaroldSutherlandMaxine's husband.
 MaxineSutherlandHarold's wife.
28DiegoAntonelliA career diplomat.
29SimonCroomeScully's counsel.
 MonaBranchThe third secretary.
30SaraHanrahanThe second secretary.
 PhinneyGibbA deputy minister.
32SheldonMorlockOne of the more influential partners on the committee.
33Carlotti An Italian billionaire.
34PhilippaMelendezAn expert on moving money.
 OllieLaforgeOne of the Scully's partners.
 PiperRedgraveOne of the Scully's partners.
 BartAmbroseOne of the Scully's partners.
 BennettMcCueOne of the Scully's partners.
 Mavis ChisenhallOne of the Scully's partners.
35RalphStanleyA famous builder.
38GypsyRoseGiovanni's minder.
 Hamal One of the kidnap victims.
 Saleel One of the kidnap victims.
40Hassan Noura's friend.
43AveryTolarMitch's mentor and supervising partner.
 SolomonFrickA banker.
 Jennings Stephen's lawyer.

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