THE GUNCLE by Steven Rowley
Characters - Alphabetical
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AudraBrackettMaisie's best friend.
WangChungA Chinese singer.
JoanDidionAn American writer.
MarleneDietrichPatrick's dog. Aka: Bella.
JeremyDykstraPatrick's colleague.
CassieEverestThe woman who works for Neal.
OttoFrankAnne Frank's father.
ChunkyGlassesOne of Patrick's guests.
Anne HecheA geologist.
LucyJonesA seismologist.
MalinaKuhnPatrick's colleague.
ScottLabergeA TV network manager.
AudraMcDonaldThe 6-time Tony winner.
DaisyMoralesPatrick's colleague and friend.
PaulNewmanAn actor.
BarrackObamaThe former U.S. President.
ClaraO'HaraPatrick and Greg's sister.
Grant PatrickO'HaraPatrick's nephew.
GregO'HaraPatrick's addicted brother. Maisie and Grant's father.
MaisieO'HaraPatrick's niece. AKA: Mary Matterhorn.
PatrickO'HaraProtagonist. AKA: Jack Curtis, GUP.
VanessaRedgraveAn American actress.
Mrs.RoperGrant's fashion icon.
Jeniffer SkeenPatrick's colleague and friend.
Abner One of Scott's workers.
Adam Patrick's friend.
Anita Clara's friend.
Barry Patrick's former classmate.
Basil One of Scott's workers.
Bethany Neal's wife.
Brant One of Scott's workers.
Charlie One of Grant's schoolmates.
Darren Clara's husband.
Dottie One of Scott's workers.
Dwayne Patrick's gay neighbor.
Eduardo Patrick's gay neighbor.
Emory The host at Patrick's party.
Gale The waiter.
Imani Grant's nurse.
Joe Patrick's lover. Deceased.
John Patrick's gay neighbor.
Kacey Patrick's workmate.
Kelsi One of Scott's workers.
Kevin The man who offered Patrick a coffee.
Lorna Dwayne's dog.
Luna The diner hostess.
Mona Maisie's lyft driver.
Neal Patrick's agent.
Philip Patrick and Greg's former dog.
Quill One of Scott's workers.
Sable One of Scott's workers.
Seth Joe's nurse.
Taylor One of the stagehands.