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by James McBride
Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part 1
1Malachi The last Jewish inhabitant in Pottstown. Moshe's friend.
 Son Of Man The sadistic attendant on Ward C-1 at Pennhurst.
 Dodo The deaf boy. Addie's nephew.
2MosheLudlowThe Jewish theatre manager.
 MickeyKatzThe kid wizard of clarinet.
 IsaacMoskovitzMoshe's cousin. A theatre owner.
 NateTimblinMoshe's old helper. Aka: Nate Love.
 YakovFlohrThe owner of Heaven and Earth Grocery Store. Chona's father.
 ChonaFlohrMoshe's wife. Yakov's daughter.
3AnnaMorseA dancer.
 ChickWebbThe colored entertainer.
 KarlFeldmanYakov's predecessor. The new rabbi.
 IrvSkrupselisThe man who runs Pottstown shoe.
 MarvinSkrupselisIrv's identical twin.
 DocRobertsThe town's physician.
 JohnPottsThe town's founder.
 AddieTimblinNate's wife.
 Darlene One of Chona's childhood friends.
 Larnell One of Chona's childhood friends.
 Bernice One of Chona's childhood friends.
 Cleota Addie's sister.
 LouisJordanThe negro bandleader.
4RustyDavisOne of Addie's friends.
 Bags Rusty's uncle.
 EdSpriggsThe reverend. Aka: Snooks.
 HollySpriggsSnook's wife.
 Cj Yula's son.
 Callie Cj's brother.
 Yula Cj and Callie's mother.
 FattyDavisOwner of local jook joint.
5Mr.FabicelliA bakery store owner.
7JayMcShannAn artist.
 ThelmaHerringAddie's sister. Dodo's mother. Aka: Holly Herring.
8PattyMillisonA laundress. Aka: Newspaper, Paper.
 WillardMillstone-PottsThe town's chief banker.
 EnzoCarissimiThe man who knocked Fatty's tooth. Aka: Big Soap.
 DickClemensThe man who worked over at Flaggs.
9BerniceDavisFatty's sister.
 EarlDavisBernice's second cousin. Aka: Bobby Davis, Shug.
 BuckWeaverBobby's employer. A Pottstown baseball player.
 TraffinaDavisReverend Sturgees's wife.
 HollisDavisThe Hill's only locksmith.
 ChuloDavisA legendary drummer. Bernice's uncle.
 ShadDavisBernice and Fatty's father.
 NormanSkrupselisThe twins' father.
 YvetteHurlbutt-SkrupselisNorman's mother.
 Lulu Shad's wife.
 Thunder Shad's mule.
 CarlBoydkinsA state welfare officer. Doc Roberts's distant cousin.
10Ed BoleAn Irish sailor. Wu's manservant.
 Chaing KaiWuA Chinese emperor.
 DellaBurnheimerOne of the girls that Doc dated.
   Part 2
12MonkeyPantsThe first person that Dodo met at Ward C-1.
13LionelHamptonA ban leader.
 LouisArmstrongOne of the entertainers.
 JoeGlaserArmstrong's manager.
 MarioBauzaA musician.
 GladysHamptonLionel's wife.
14DocHinsonOne of Booker T. Washington-type negroes.
 Gene Fatty's cousin.
 ThomasSturgisThe owner of Chestnut Hill.
 Booker WashingtonOne of the negroes' greatest leaders.
 BillO'ConellA lieutenant at the Empire Fire company.
 Dirt A murderer.
15FioriaCarissimiEnzo's mother.
 Guido Fioria's cousin.
 Pia Eugenio's youngest sister.
 Matteo Pia's husband.
17JunoFarnokA Budapest hat maker. Aka: Mr. Hudson.
 GustowskisPlitzkaChairman of Pottstown City Council. Aka: Gus.
   Part 3
18MiggyFluiddPaper's friend who works at Pennhurst.
20JohnAntesPottstown's greatest composer.
 Ferdie Gus's cousin.
 NigRosenA mobster. Ferdie's friend.
26Eggman The man who delivers eggs to the Son of Man. Aka: Bullis.
 RosettaSharpeThe great blues singer.
28AnnaMorseA funeral homes owner.
 Titus Bullis's horse.
29Leopold The parade director
 HenryLitA former boxer. Nig Rosen's goon.
EpiHirshelKofflerYigel's brother. A rail man.
 YigelKofflerHirshel's brother.
 UriGuzinskiHirshel's boss.

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