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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1 Carl Albert Iverson A rapist and murderer.
Joe Talbert Protagonist. aka: Joey.
Janet The receptionist at Hillview Nursery Home.
Mary Lorngren The director at Hillview Nursery Home.
Joe Talbert Sr. Joe Talbert's father.
Kathy Nelson Joe Talbert's mother.
Jeremy Naylor Joe Talbert's brother.
Bill Joe's grandfather.
John Dillinger American bank robber.
Mr. Prick A cop.
Molly Joe's acquaintance.
2 Helen Bollinger Jeremy's teacher.
Jack Sparrow Fictional character.
Will Turner Fictional character.
3 Lila Nash Joe's fellow college student.
Jeffrey Dahmer A famous serial killer.
4 Crystal Marie Hagen A 14-year-old girl who was raped and murdered.
John Vries A fire marshal.
Danielle Hagen Crystal's mother. Aka: Dani.
Douglas Lockwood Crystal's stepfather.
Daniel Lockwood Crystal's stepbrother. Aka: Dan
7 Phyllis Joe's first girlfriend.
Kevin Kathy's acquaintance.
John Peterson Carl's lead attorney.
9 Virgil Gray Carl Iverson's friend.
Jackson Pollock American artist.
Ted Bundy American psychopath and serial killer.
10 Berthal Collins The chief public defender.
11 Andy Fisher Crystal's boyfriend.
Detective Tracer A detective.
12 Aryan Brother The man who tried to cut Carl's head off.
Slattery Carl's acquaintance.
13 Ricky Davis A Tennessee volunteer. Aka: Tater.
Sergeant Gibbs The squad leader.
14 Farrah Faucet An actress.
Terry Bremer Jeremy's landlord.
Mrs. Albers Jeremy's neighbor.
15 Larry Kathy's boyfriend.
16 Smiley A cop.
17 Mrs. Tate The school guidance counselor.
21 Oscar Reid A witness.
Alden Cain A newspaper photographer.
Woody Crystal's mother's boss.
23 Lyndon B. Johnson 36th president of the United States.
Philip Sheridan United States Army general.
25 Jephthah A Biblical character.
26 Tom A stage actor.
Laura Tom's sister.
Amanda Tom's mother.
27 Tennessee Williams American playwright.
Ronnie Grant A bouncer.
29 Mr. Warner Jeremy's teacher in typing.
30 Max Rupert A detective.
Boady Sanden A law professor.
31 Blaise Pascal French mathematician
52 Aurora Borealis One of the sheriff's deputies.
54 Melissa Burns The bank owner's granddaughter.

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