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Remy Hale
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   Act I
1  Faye
 FayeMoyA nurse in China during WWII.
 Lai KingMoyFaye Moy's American-born mother.
 LiBaiChinese poet.
 GertrudeSteinAmerican novelist, poet, playwright and art collector.
 OscarWildeIrish poet and playwright.
 Lois A new recruit nurse.
 FrankSinatraAmerican singer and actor.
 TheodoreRoosevelt26th U.S. President.
 GaryCooperAmerican actor.
 JinYanA Korean-born Chinese actor.
 Dr.GentryU.S. Army flight surgeon.
 JohnGarlandA pilot.
 BobHopeAmerican comedian and actor.
 PauletteGoddardAmerican actress during the Golden Age of Hollywood.
 ScottFitzgeraldAmerican novelist, essayist and short story writer.
 ErnestHemingwayAmerican novelist, short story writer and journalist.
 agathaChristieEnglish writer.
 BaJinChinese translator and writer.
 CharlesDickensEnglish novelist and social critic.
 Edgar AllanPoeAmerican writer, poet, author, editor and literary critic.
2  Dorothy
 DorothyMoyWashington's former poet laureate.
 Annabel Dorothy's daughter.
 Louis Dorothy's live-in partner.
 FridaKahloA Mexican painter.
 AnneSextonAmerican poet.
 Samuel TaylorColeridgeEnglish poet, literary critic, philosopher and theologian.
3  Afong
 AfongMoyThe first Chinese woman to set foot on American soil.
 HenryHanningtonAfong Moy's manager.
 DeiYuAfong Moy's husband.
 YaoHanAfong Moy's friend.
 LiYuChinese poet and the last ruler of the Sothern Tang dynasty.
 Confucius A Chinese philosopher.
 Mrs.HanningtonMr. Hannington's wife.
 AndrewJackson7th U.S. President.
 Francis One of Afong Moy's cousins.
 NathanielCarnesOne of Afong Moy's cousins.
4  Dorothy
 RupiKaurCanadian poet, illustrator and author.
5  Greta
 GretaMoyA tech executive with a unique dating app.
 Anjalee A company's CFO and one of the founding partners.
 WillieBloomquistAmerican baseball coach.
 Samsara An English teacher and Sanshou instructor. aka: Sam.
6  Dorothy
 Toshiko A school worker at the front desk.
 Graham Dorothy's favorite cohorts from Bellevue College.
 Clarke Graham's friend.
 SylviaPlathAmerican poet, novelist and short story writer.
 VirginiaWoolfAn English writer.
 YukioMishimaJapanese author, poet, playwright and actor.
 KurtCobainAmerican musician.
 WendellBerryAmerican novelist, poet, essayist and environmental activist.
7  Zeo
 ZeoMoyA student in England at a famous school with no rules.
 AlyceBidwellZoe's favorite teacher.
 MaryRobinsonEngland poet and actress.
 HermannHesseGerman-Swiss poet, novelist and painter.
 Stanley Alyce Bidwell's husband.
 Sui SinFarA writer.
 AugustusMossGreta's acquaintance. aka: Guto.
 AugustusDickensA novelist. Youngest brother of Charles Dickens.
 T. G.TuckerA writer.
 Sappho A Greek poet.
 Kerkos Sappho's husband.
 JohannesBrahmsGerman composer and pianist.
 Brothers Grimm German academics, philologists, cultural researchers and authors.
 Theo Greta's acquaintance. aka: Guto.
 EzraPoundAmerican poet and critic.
 WilliamShakespeareEnglish playwright and poet.
8  Faye
 MengPoThe goddess of oblivion in Chinese mythology.
 Lady MengJiangChinese tale with many variations.
 Rumi A 13th century poet.
9  Lai King
 CaptainStormalongAn American folk hero.
 LiQingzhaoA Chinese poet.
10  Dorothy
 Dr.ShedhornDorothy's physician.
 AnisMojganiAmerican poet and visual artist.
   Act II
11  Afong
 NanchoyEu TongHannington's new interpreter.
 BeauBrummellAn arbiter of British men's fashion.
 Trudy Mrs. Hannington's sister.
12  Dorothy
 BruceLeeAmerican martial artist and actor.
 Louise Louis' mother.
 AndreaGibsonAmerican poet and activist.
13  Greta
 Simonede BeauvoirFrench philosopher and writer.
 BettyFriedanAmerican writer and activist.
 AngelaDavisAmerican political activist and philosopher.
 YokoOnoJapanese multimedia artist and singer.
 CarterBransonGreta's new acquaintance.
 ChristianLouboutinFrench fashion designer.
 EltonJohnBritish singer and pianist.
 Louis XIV King of France.
 SophiaBlessingA reporter.
15  Lai King
 WaldemarHaffkineRussian-French bacteriologist.
 MarkCappisChief officer of the ship.
 WaltWhitmanAmerican poet and essayist.
 Anna A steerage matron.
 CaptainWardA pirate.
 W.B.YeatsAn Irish poet, dramatist. writer and politician.
 Albert 1 A merchant of dry goods.
 Albert 2 Albert's 1 nephew. aka: Alby.
 Mr.FawcetA sailor.
16  Dorothy
 MaryOliverAmerican poet.
 EmilyDickensonAmerican poet.
 GlennMillerAmerican big band owner, conductor, composer and arranger.
 FredAstaireAmerican dancer and actor.
 GingerRogersAmerican actress and dancer.
 Mrs.HansonAn old English teacher.
 John Dorothy's new acquaintance.
 BillieHolidayAmerican jazz and swing music singer.
17  Zoe
 Lily One of Zoe's roommates.
 Mildred One of Zoe's roommates.
 Karan One of the students from India.
 Neysa One of the students from India.
 Koji A student from Japan.
 Zofia A student from Poland.
 Ethan One of the Jewish students.
 Samuel One of the Jewish students.
 Naomi One of the Jewish students.
   Act III
18  Faye
 Shi A monk.
19  Dorothy
 JohnClareAn English poet.
 NorbertWienerAmerican mathematician and philosopher.
 Xi A bhikkhuni.
20  Echoes
 NikkiGiovanniAmerican poet and writer.
 Demeter The Olympian goddess of agriculture, grain and bread.
 EvaGore-BoothIrish poet and theologian.
 JohannesGutenbergDesigned and built the first known mechanized printing press.
21  Annabel
 Pasha A fiction writer.

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