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Robyn Roberts
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1  June 2017
 KimKnoxMother of Tallulah. Grandmother of Noah. 39 yr old.
 TallulahMurrayDaughter of Kim. Noah's teenage mother. aka: 'Lula/Lules'. 19 yr old.
 Noah Tallulah and Zach's baby son.
 ZachAllisterNoah's teenage father. Youngest child of Megs and Simon. 19 yr old.
2  August 2018
 ShaunGrayNew Head Teacher at Maypole. Partner of Sophie Beck. 40's.
 SophieBeckAuthor of Detective novels. Partner of Shaun Gray. 34 yr old.
 PeterDoodyExecutive Head of Maypole House (school).
 KerryanneMulliganMatron at Maypole House. 60's.
 PippaGrayEx-wife of Shaun Gray.
3  June 2017
 MegsAllisterZach's mother. Wife of Simon.
 SimonAllisterZach's father. Husband of Megs.
 Nick Barman at local pub the 'Swan & Ducks'.
 ScarlettJacquesSchool friend of Tallulah. 20 yr old.
 RyanMurrayKim's son. Brother of Tallulah.
4  August 2018
 Lexie (Alexandra)MulliganKeryanne's daughter. aka: @lexiegoes
6  June 2017
 Frederickde ThomasCoffee plantation owner of 'Dark Place' who added the Victorian wing in 1800's.
 Carolinade ThomasLast wife of Frederick de Thomas.
 Lawrencede ThomasSon of Frederick de Thomas and last heir of 'Dark Place'.
 Mimi (Amelia)RhodesMember of Scarlett's clique. aka. @AmeliaDisparu
 Joss (Jocelyn)JacquesScarlett's mother. Current owner of Dark Place. 48 yr old.
 LiamBaileyScarlett's boyfriend. Teaching Assistant at Maypole House. 21 yr old. A.k.a 'Boobs'.
 RexJacquesScarlett's brother. 23 yr old.
 Martin J.JacquesScarlett's father. Hedge-fund manager.
9  June 2017
 Paula Kim's deceased mother. Care worker.
 Vanda Kerryanne's deceased mother.
10  August 2018
 JacintaCroftPast Head Teacher at Maypole House. Current Head Teacher at Pimlico private girls' school.
 P. J.FoxPseudonym for Sophie Beck.
11  December 2016
 ChloeMinterTallulah's school friend.
 Jayden Member of Scarlett's clique.
 Roo (Ruby) Member of Scarlett's clique.
12  June 2017
 Dominic (Dom)McCoyDetective Inspector.
13  August 2018
 SusieBeetsFictional detective character in Sophie's novels.
 TigerYuFictional detective character in Sophie's novels.
14  January 2017
 JimMurrayFather of Tallulah and Ryan. Ex-husband of Kim Knox.
16  September 2018
 Fleur Geography teacher at Maypole House.
 Robin Photography teacher at Maypole House.
 Troy Philosophy and theology teacher at Maypole House.
17  January 2017
 KeziahWhitmoreTallulah's friend. Works at the Co-op.
18  June 2017
 CaroleDoddsReceptionist at Taxi's First.
 Rocky Member of Scarlett's clique.
24  February 2017
 Toby Scarlett's St Bernard dog.
25  June 2017
 Rosie Ryan's girlfriend.
 Mabel Ryan's girlfriend.
31  September 2018
 Pixie Imaginary step-daughter of 'Susie Beets'.
 Alice Receptionist at Pimlico private girls' school.
 Molly Sophie Beck's London friend.
43  June 2017
 GuyCroftEstranged husband of Jacinta Croft. Web designer.
 Nelson Guy Croft's dog.
46  September 2018
 Cherryjack Scarlett Jacques's online identity.
47  June 2017
 Gia Previous school friend of Tallulah.
53  September 2018
 JackGray7 yr old twin son of Shaun and Pippa Gray
 LilyGray7 yr old twin daughter of Shaun and Pippa Gray
55  September 2018
 Betty Jack and Lily's dog.
56  June 2017
 Pipin Metal sculpture. Murder weapon.
62  June 2017
 SeraphinaGoldbergRex Jacques' girlfriend.

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