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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1 Una Kelly Protagonist. A pocket-diver and con woman. Aka: Aunt Mae
Mr. JWC The middle west man.
Marm Blei A dry goods store owner. Una's boss.
Willie A thief. Una's acquaintance.
2 Copper - A police officer.
O'Mailey The coroner of the Bowery and Grand Street.
Barney Harris A reporter. Una's friend.
Big-Nosed Joe Murdered.
Martha Ann The prostitute. Murdered.
4 Toby One of Blei's customers.
Cook Prynne Blei's cook.
5 Byrnes The chief inspector.
Deidre Una's roommate.
O'Donoghue The reverend.
Mike Sheeny A fencing business owner.
6 Callaghan Una's great-grandmother.
8 Simms The Roundsman.
11 Randolph Claire's husband.
Claire Una's cousin.
12 Conally The priest at St. Mary's parish.
13 Eugenia Hatfield The head nurse.
Miss Perkins The school's superintendent.
Mrs. Hobson One of the school's board of managers.
Granddad Callaghan Una's grandfather.
14 Mrs. Buchanan The resident housekeeper.
Arthur The president.
Florence Nightingale The founding committee of modern nursing.
Drusilla Lewis Una's roommate.
18 Dr. Allen Dr. Pingry's senior.
Dr. Pingry The second surgical division doctor.
20 Mr. Kepler One of the patients.
Nurse Cuddy One of the nurses.
Edwin Westervelt Dr. Pingry's junior. Una's lover.
21 Conor McCready The man that Una met. An ambulance driver.
22 Dr. Janssen One of the teachers/doctors.
25 Mr. O'Rourke The hospital warden.
27 Mrs. Riker One of the patients.
32 Oyster Edwin's hunting dog.
35 Bartlet The morgue keeper.
37 William The Emperor of Germany.
38 Dupin A character at an Edgar Allan novel.
40 P.T. Barnum An American showman.
41 Mr. Knauff One of the patients.
42 Nurse Roe One of the nurses.
46 Mr. Hadley Barney's workmate.
49 Collins The detective.

The Nurse's Secret suggested by Diane Semetz


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