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Kristian Fabricante
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   Part 1
 BlandineWatkinsProtagonist. The woman who lives in C4. Aka: Tiffany Jean Watkins, X.
 Daisy The bearded dragon.
 Kara Hope's cousin.
 Hope Anthony's wife.
 Elsie JaneMcLoughlin-BlitzThe star of Meet the Neighbors.
 SusieEvansThe actress who plays Elsie Blitz.
 Ida The old woman who lives in C6.
 Tina Ida and Reggie's daughter.
 Frank Tina's husband.
 Reggie Ida's husband. Aka: Reginald.
   Part 2
 Hildegard Blandine's goat.
 JoanKowalskiOne of Blandine's neighbors. The woman who works at an online obituary.
 GabrielleBossisA French actress.
 ThereseNeumannThe girl who never ate or drank besides Eucharist.
 Marie RoseFerronThe girl who had her first vision of Jesus at the age of 6.
 GemmaGalganiThe girl who had a regular vision of Jesus and Mary.
 MariaBolognesiThe girl who was possessed.
 SimoneWeilA French philosopher.
 RubyGrubbThe private detective.
 BenjaminRitterAn urban designer based in New York.
 DouglasBarringtonThe Mayor. Ritter's partner.
 MaxwellPinkyFounder and Ceo of Pink LLC. Ritter's partner.
 Wheeler The reverend.
 DannyFiorentinoWindy City chef.
 BrianStevensThe detective in charge of the investigation.
 Tammy Joan's aunt.
 Sylvie Joan's workmate.
 AnneShropshireJoan's boss.
 MargaretDeirdre-McLoughlinElsie's mother.
 Moses RobertBlitzElsie's son. Aka: John, Abominable Glow Man, Pierre Dufont, Dr. Malachi.
 Todd Blandine and Jack's housemate.
 MalikJohnsonBlandine and Jack's housemate.
 Jamie Moses's lover.
 Jack One of the narrators. Blandine's housemate.
 Cathy Jack's former foster mother.
 Robert Cathy's husband.
 Anna Jack's lover.
 WangWeiOne of the kids that Cathy and Robert hosted. Aka: Tyler.
 LiJunOne of the kids that Cathy and Robert hosted. Aka: Chip.
 JamesYagerBlandine's music teacher and lover. Aka: Vu, Y.
 MegYagerJames's wife.
 Lillian Meg's mother.
 George Meg's father.
 WoodrowHuxley-Zorn IIIThe co-founder of Zorn Automobiles.
 Emma James's daughter.
 Rosie James's daughter.
 Gwen Meg's sister. An architect.
 JacobRiisA journalist.
 Stella Blandine's foster mother.
 Wayne Stella's husband.
 Micah The independence workshop teacher.
 Richardis Hildegard's friend and fellow nun.
 ZoeCollinsBlandine's former schoolmate.
   Part 3
 MarcusAureliusThe former roman emperor.
 CecilZornWoodrow's brother.
 VincentZornWoodrow's eldest son.
 DelphoneZornVincent's wife.
 EdwardZornCecil's son.
 ClaudeZornVincent's son who took over Zorn Automobiles.
 Pearl The woman with a peculiar body.
 KasperWisniewskiMagda's husband.
 MagdaMazurKasper's wife.
 FilipMazurMagda's father.
 FatherTimThe priest that Moses met.
 Dominic Elsie's cleaner.
 RobertMosesMoses's father. An urban designer.
 Marianne One of Elsie's friends.
 Important DirectorOne of Elsie's directors.
 Sabine Elsie's costume designer.
 ClareDela CruzElsie's personal assistant.
 Paul Pinky's assistant.
 Mrs.WoodBlandine's guidance counselor.
 Anthony Hope's husband.
 Cathy(2) Hope's aunt.
 TerryHoffThe local news anchor.
 Tom Terry's partner.
 Beth Mr. Boddy's wife.
 Valentina Beth's friend.
 Jandro The party host.
 Ron Valentina's husband.
 Mr.BoddyThe man who wrote to Moses.
 Stevens The police officer.
 Kevin Jamie's boyfriend.
 PeterSingerThe moral philosopher.
 Ruth Kevin's sister.
 Ryder The boy in the story.
 Penny Joan's close friend.
 TobyHornbyJoan's former lover.
 Jeff The man that Blandine met.
   Part 4
 Elijah Hope and Anthony's daughter. Aka: Eli.
 Mike Reggie's son.
 Brandy Reggie's sister.
 Tina Reggie's daughter.
 MaryKozlowskiWife of a man at the Celebratory Dinner.
 Sapphire A woman who once shared a foster family with Malik.
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