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Kristian Fabricante
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Time In Time Out
Danae Tookie's crush and best friend.
Mara Budgie's girlfriend.
Tookie Narrator. A prisoner. Aka: Lily Florabella Truax Beaupre.
Budgie Mara's boyfriend. Deceased.
Pollux One of Tookie's crushes. Tookie's husband.
Jackie Kettle Tookie's grade 7 teacher.
Ted Johnson Tookie's friend. A defense attorney. AKA: L. Ron Hubbard.
Mr. Hrunkl Tookie's high school chemistry teacher.
Judge Ragnik The judge who sentenced Tookie.
Story of A Woman
Flora LaFrance Tookie's regular customer. Deceased. Aka: Lily Florabella Truax.
Kateri Flora's foster daughter.
Kateri Tekakwitha Lily of the Mohawks.
Penstemon Brown One of the bookstore staff members. An artist and a writer.
Clarice Lispector One of the female authors.
Isak Dinesen One of the female authors.
Octavia One of the female authors.
Joy One of the female authors.
Zitkala-Sa One of the female authors.
Susan Sontag One of the female authors.
Marguerite Duras One of the female authors.
Asema Larson One of the bookstore staff members.
Hank Asema's boyfriend.
Gruen Asema's friend.
Hetta Pollux's niece. Pollux and Tookie's adoptive daughter.
Nick One of the Bookstore staff members.
Louise One of Tookie's friends.
Atul Gawande The author of Being Mortal.
B.E Fryer An army surgeon.
G.P Hackenberg A surgeon in Fort Randall.
Black Snow
Mark Danielewski An author.
Droogie Jackie's dog.
Come Get Me
Alvina Jackie's aunt.
Roland Waring One of Tookie's customers.
Solstice Fire
Jarvis Hetta's baby. Aka: Cubby.
Bonne Anne
Kim Basinger An actress.
Tender Sasquatch
Laurent A young author who visits Tookie's bookstore.
Cloud Man A Dakota leader.
Elena Ferrante Tookie's favorite book character.
Minnesota Goddamn
Derek Chauvin An American police officer.
Popcorn and Arson
George Waring Roland's son.
Gary Roland's dog.
Let Me In
Patrick Gorneau Louise's grandfather.
Carrie A librarian. Louise's new friend.
The Circles
Zachary Bearheels A man who was killed by police.
Jamar Clark A man who was shot by police.
Jason Pero A boy who was killed by police.
Brock Mrdjenoich The policeman who shot Jason.
An Abundance of Caution
Maaname A kidnap victim. AKA: Genevieve Moulin.
Metis The author of Rugaroo.
Gregoire Laurent's great-great-grandfather.
Berenice Gregoire's mother.
Luck and Love
Bob Rice The gray van driver. Tookie's neighbor.
Dr. Shannon Pollux's doctor.
Sarge LaFrance Flora's first husband.
Souls and Saints
Kenneth Pen's boyfriend.
Charlotte Beaupre Tookie's mother.

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