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THE WOMEN by Kristin Hannah

Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part 1
1Frances GraceMcGrathProtagonist. AKA: Frankie.
 FinleyMcGrathFrankie's older brother.
 BetteMcGrathFrankie's mother.
 FrancisMcGrathFrankie's grandfather.
 Alexander Frankie's grandfather.
 Joseph RyersonWalshFinley's best friend.
 Kennedy The current President.
2Jilly The patient's girlfriend.
3ConnorMcGrathFrankie's father.
4NormBronsonThe captain.
 PattyPerkinsA surgical nurse.
 WendyGoldsteinFrankie's major.
5EthelFlintER Nurse.
 Barbara SueJohnsonA surgical nurse. Frankie's best friend. AKA: Barb.
 JamieCallahanThe doctor. Frankie's boss.
6PrivateFournetteThe dying soldier.
 George Ethel's boyfriend.
7TedSmithThe captain. Frankie's superior.
JorgeRuizOne of Frankie's patients.
8Trevor One of Frankie's patients.
 Kaylee Jamie's niece.
 SarahCallahanJamie's wife.
 DavyCallahanJamie's son.
9Mai One of Frankie's patients.
10Slim Ethel's lover.
 RobAldeanThe new doctor.
11WilmaCottingtonThe new nurse.
 SergeantAlvarezThe officer who accompanies Frankie in Pleiku.
 HarryDickersonA Lieutenant Colonel. AKA: Hap.
 Winstead Frankie's new captain.
 Waite One of the soldiers.
12WillJohnsonBarb's brother.
 Joey Barb's uncle.
 Coyote One of Rye's soldiers.
13AlbertBrownOne of Frankie's patients.
 ShirleyBrownAlbert's mother.
 Sharlene The newest nurse in the OR.
15MargieSloanFrankie's new hooch mate.
 Miniver The new chief nurse of the seventy first.
16EdgarLaTourRye's superior.
17Dr.MorseFrankie's boss.
 JuanMartinezOne of the soldiers.
 RyanDardisThe new surgeon. AKA: Hollywood.
19Paul The hairdresser.
 Dr.BrennerBette's friend.
20DeloresSmartDirector of Nursing.
 Mrs.HendersonThe night charge nurse.
 ElenaGarciaFrankie's patient.
 JoseGarciaElena's husband.
21LauraGillihanBette's friend.
 RebeccaGillihanLaura's daughter. Frankie's old friend.
 DanaJohnsonFrankie's college friend.
 JeffreyHellerDana's fiance.
 Chad Becky's husband.
22Dr.DurfeeA psychiatrist.
   Part 3
23HenryAcevedoThe man that Frankie met at the anti-war march.
24MikeJenkinsA prisoner of war.
 AnneJenkinsMike's wife.
 JaneAdonA war widower.
 BobDoleThe senator.
 Karla Receptionist.
25RoseContrerasThe receptionist at the league of POW.
 Joan The girl from the POW.
 Charlotte Joan's daughter.
 Arturo Henry's nephew.
26WilliamCalleyThe man who responsible for the Lai massacre.
 LeoStallConnor's veteran friend.
 WalterReedLeo's colleague.
 Sussanah Deceased. Henry's wife.
27Lola Massie's assitant.
 Dr.MassieThe OB-GYNE.
 Dell The anesthesiologist.
 MarkLundbergFrankie's boss. A doctor.
29Noah Ethel's husband.
 Cecily Ethel's daughter.
 Celine Bette's dead baby.
30Melissa Rye's wife.
 Joey Rye's child.
 GenevaStoneFrankie's boss.
31Phil The policeman.
 BillBrightmanCoronado High Principal.
33Natalie Henry's new fiance.
 Dr.AldenHenry's colleague. A psychologist specializing in Vietnam Veterans.
35Donna Frankie's old colleague.
 Gwyn One of the girls at the reunion.
 Liz One of the girls at the reunion.
 Ramona One of the girls at the reunion.
 FinleyMcGrathHenry and Frankie's son.
 FrancesCallahanJamie's daughter.

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