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WHITE BUTTERFLY by Walter Mosley

Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1EzekielRawlinsProtagonist. AKA: Easy.
 QuintenNaylorA Los Angeles police sergeant.
 Edna Rawlin's baby.
 RolandHobbesQuinten's partner.
 JesusRawlinsEasy's son.
2JulietteLeRoiMurder victim.
 WillaScottMurder victim.
 ReginaRawlinsEasy's wife.
 BonitaEdwardsThe current murder victim.
 LarkReevesA killer.
 ChiChiMacDonaldThe boy that Lark killed.
 RobertHenryRegina's cousin.
3RafaelGordonThe man who runs shell game.
 Zeppo Easy's friend.
 ChesterRemyOne of Easy's tenants.
 EdwinaRemyChester's wife.
 Mofass Easy's business partner. Aka: William Wharton.
 GeorgetteWykersOne of Mofass's tenants.
 MariePurdueOne of Mofass's tenants.
4RitaCoeA bartendress.
 DupreeBouchardEasy's childhood friend. Regina's new lover.
 AndreLavenderEasy's acquaintance.
7GabbyLeeRegina's cousin.
 RobinGarnettThe 4th victim. Aka: Cyndi Starr, White Butterfly.
 CaptainVioletteThe precinct captain.
 HoraceVossSpecial Liaison between Mayor's office and police.
 OgdenWillyRawlin's uncle.
 Bergman The spectator.
 Alvin The man who beats his wife.
 RaymondAlexanderThe No. 1 suspect for killing.
8StellaKeatonThe librarian.
 JohnMcKenzieA bar owner.
 OdellJonesJohn's business partner.
9CharleneMarsOwner of Aretha's.
 Elaine Charlene's bartendress.
 GregoryJewelJulie's boyfriend.
10CalebVarleyThe owner of Can-Can.
 WandaRolletCaleb's pianist.
 SheilaRolletWanda's sister.
 RogerVaughnEasy's acquaintance in Yellow Dogs.
 Estelle The whore house owner.
11MaxHowardA pimp.
 Pedro The boy at Pedro's house.
 Marla One of Max's girls.
12LipsMcgeeEasy's friend.
14SylviaBrideCyndi's friend
15MiloGarnettRobin's brother.
16Mrs.NarotakiOne of DeCampo's associates.
 Mr.VieThe Real Estate buyer.
 FargoBaerOne of DeCampo's associates.
 BernardSeaversOne of DeCampo's associates.
 JackDeCampoThe owner of DeCampo's associates.
17VernorGarnettRobin's father.
 Minnie Raymond's girlfriend.
20JamesThomas SaundersThe guy who beat Gregory. The prime suspect. AKA: J.T.
 RandallAbernathySaunders's cousin.
21Mr.ArnetJesus's P.E. teacher.
22MaxineConeMouse's other girlfriend.
 Joppy Easy's friend. Deceased.
23Louise Regina's co-nurse.
24Mr.RileyThe owner of Galaxy Motel.
 CecilyRileyMr. Riley's wife.
25NathanielBlyThe man who knew Saunders family.
 Squire J.T's brother.
26ViolaSaundersJ.T's mother.
 Marlene The woman Mouse talked to.
27Leonard The security at Tiny Bland. Mouse's old friend.
 Crew Cut The man at the bar.
28WaylandHargroveThe police chief.
30AddisonPrineThe man that Easy followed.
 TonySpigsFather of Addison's fiancĂ©.
32FeatherStarrRobin's daughter.
33Prancer Robin and Sylvia's friend.
34BullHorerThe owner of Ribs-and-Chicken joint.
 Bailey One of Bull's cooks.
35Primo Easy's friend.

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