Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1Deborah HallRon's wife. Aka: Miss Debbie, Mrs. Tuesday.
 Emmet TillA black man who was beaten badly.
 President KennedyThe U.S. President who was shot dead in Dallas.
 Denver MooreHomeless man that Debbie & Ron met at the gospel mission.
2Ronald HallDeborah's husband. Aka: Ron, Ronnie, Mr. Tuesday.
 Miss PoeRon's ugliest teacher.
 Lana  Ron's ex-girlfriend.
 Rita  Ron's ex-girlfriend.
 Gail  Ron's ex-girlfriend.
 Patty  A woman that Ron hired to manage his gallery.
3President RooseveltA former U.S. President.
 Thurman MooreDenver's brother.
 Big MamaDenver's step-grandmother.
 Hershalee MooreDenver's sister.
 Pawpaw  Denver's grandfather.
 BB  Denver's father.
 Chook  Denver's cousin.
4Earl HallRon's father.
 Tommye HallRon's mother.
 Buddy BrooksTommye's brother. Ron's uncle.
 Elvice BrooksTommye's sister. Ron's aunt.
 Vida May BrooksTommye's sister. Ron's aunt.
 Jack BrooksTommye's father. Ron's grandfather. Aka: Granddaddy.
 John HallRon's brother.
 Mawmaw  Ron's grandmother.
 Mr. BarnesJack's former neighbor.
 Kildee  A black shoe-shine man.
 Nigger JohnJack's loyal worker.
 Amos  Nigger John's friend.
5James StickmanDenver's uncle.
 Etha StickmanDenver's aunt.
 Ginny  James's mule.
6Scoot CheeneyRon's friend.
 Karen McDanielRon's date.
 Jill  Scoot's date.
7Bobby  Ron's new friend.
8John ConnellyA Texas Governor.
9Eustis BrownA preacher.
11Gretchen  Deborah's sister.
 Daphene  Deborah's twin.
 Glenn WhittingtonRon's friend.
 Frank  A delta tau delta hunk. Deborah's ex-boyfriend.
 Kelly AdamsRon's roommate.
 Carson HallDeborah and Ron's son.
 Regan HallDeborah and Ron's daughter.
 Mr. CrowfootOwner of Charles Russell painting called "The Signal".
 Mr. Barney GoldbergA man who help ron to sell his painting. Aka: Snookems.
12Dan McCoyAn ex-TCU football player. Ron's friend.
 Patt McCoyDan's wife.
 Kirby ColemanOne of the men from the discussion group in Dan's house.
14Michael AltmanAn art dealer. Ron's partner.
 Brian  A ministry to homeless babies with AIDS.
 Billy GrahamRon's friend.
16Debbie BrownRon's friend who invites him to attend Union Gospel Mission.
17Don ShislerThe director of the Union Gospel Mission.
18Pam  The volunteer coordinator.
 Jim MorganThe chef at Union Gospel Mission. Aka: Chef Jim.
 Brother BillA blind preacher.
20Mary Ellen DavenportDeborah's best friend.
 Tim TaylorRon's friend.
22Charles HodgesA Fort Worth architect.
23Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.An American minister.
 J. Edgar HooverThe FBI's director.
25Sister BettieDeborah's spiritual friend.
26Alan DavenportMary Ellen's husband.
 Jay Mac DavenportAlan and Mary Ellen's son.
28Alexander CalderA 20th Century master sculptor.
29Neil ArmstrongAn American astronaut.
 George BushA Texas Governor.
 Craig DeardenDeborah and Ron's personal friend. A doctor.
 John BurkDeborah's doctor.
30Roy GeneDeborah and Ron's friend.
 Pame EvansDeborah and Ron's friend.
 Dr. Paul SenterThe lead surgeon of Deborah.
32Tino  One of the people in Union Gospel Mission.
34Robert GoldsteinA world renowned liver specialist.
41Freckles  Ron's calves.
 Bubbles  Ron's calves.
 Rob FarrellRon and Deborah's friend who own a ranch in Rocky Top.
 Holly FarrellRob's wife.
 Scott WalkerDeborah and Ron's friend.
 Janina WalkerScott's wife.
 Mr. BallantineA man who hates black people.
43Pastor KenPriest whom Deborah wants to lead her memorial service.
 Dr. RedrowOne of Deborah's doctors.
50Jack AltmanMichael's son. Ron's godson.
57Tom ChambersDeborah and Ron's friend who donated $350,000 dollars.
 Patricia ChambersTom's wife.
61Pearlie  Denver's aunt.
66Kenneth BarrThe Mayor.
 Mike MoncriefThe State Senator.
 Tom FrnaklinThe priest at New Mount Calvary Baptist Church.
67Lupe MurchisonThe richest woman in Texas.