Characters - Alphabetical
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KellyAdamsRon's roommate.
JackAltmanMichael's son. Ron's godson.
MichaelAltmanAn art dealer. Ron's partner.
NeilArmstrongAn American astronaut.
Mr. BallantineA man who hates black people.
Mr.BarnesJack's former neighbor.
KennethBarrThe Mayor.
SisterBettieDeborah's spiritual friend.
BrotherBillA blind preacher.
BuddyBrooksTommye's brother. Ron's uncle.
ElviceBrooksTommye's sister. Ron's aunt.
JackBrooksTommye's father. Ron's grandfather. Aka: Granddaddy.
Vida MayBrooksTommye's sister. Ron's aunt.
DebbieBrownRon's friend who invites him to attend Union Gospel Mission.
EustisBrownA preacher.
JohnBurkDeborah's doctor.
George BushA Texas Governor.
AlexanderCalderA 20th Century master sculptor.
PatriciaChambersTom's wife.
TomChambersDeborah and Ron's friend who donated $350,000 dollars.
ScootCheeneyRon's friend.
KirbyColemanOne of the men from the discussion group in Dan's house.
JohnConnellyA Texas Governor.
Mr.CrowfootOwner of Charles Russell painting called "The Signal".
AlanDavenportMary Ellen's husband.
Jay MacDavenportAlan and Mary Ellen's son.
Mary EllenDavenportDeborah's best friend.
CraigDeardenDeborah and Ron's personal friend. A doctor.
PameEvansDeborah and Ron's friend.
HollyFarrellRob's wife.
RobFarrellRon and Deborah's friend who own a ranch in Rocky Top.
TomFrnaklinThe priest at New Mount Calvary Baptist Church.
Roy GeneDeborah and Ron's friend.
Mr. BarneyGoldbergA man who help ron to sell his painting. Aka: Snookems.
RobertGoldsteinA world renowned liver specialist.
BillyGrahamRon's friend.
CarsonHallDeborah and Ron's son.
DeborahHallRon's wife. Aka: Miss Debbie, Mrs. Tuesday.
EarlHallRon's father.
JohnHallRon's brother.
ReganHallDeborah and Ron's daughter.
RonaldHallDeborah's husband. Aka: Ron, Ronnie, Mr. Tuesday.
TommyeHallRon's mother.
CharlesHodgesA Fort Worth architect.
J. EdgarHooverThe FBI's director.
NiggerJohnJack's loyal worker.
PastorKenThe priest whom Deborah wants to lead her memorial service.
PresidentKennedyThe U.S. President who was shot dead in Dallas.
Dr. MartinLuther King Jr.An American minister.
BigMamaDenver's step-grandmother.
DanMcCoyAn ex-TCU football player. Ron's friend.
PattMcCoyDan's wife.
KarenMcDanielRon's date.
MikeMoncriefThe State Senator.
DenverMooreHomeless man that Debbie and Ron met at the gospel mission.
HershaleeMooreDenver's sister.
ThurmanMooreDenver's brother.
JimMorganThe chef at Union Gospel Mission. Aka: Chef Jim.
LupeMurchisonThe richest woman in Texas.
MissPoeRon's ugliest teacher.
Dr.RedrowOne of Deborah's doctors.
PresidentRooseveltA former U.S. President.
Dr. PaulSenterThe lead surgeon of Deborah.
DonShislerThe director of the Union Gospel Mission.
EthaStickmanDenver's aunt.
JamesStickmanDenver's uncle.
TimTaylorRon's friend.
EmmetTillA black man who was beaten badly.
JaninaWalkerScott's wife.
ScottWalkerDeborah and Ron's friend.
GlennWhittingtonRon's friend.
Amos Nigger John's friend.
BB Denver's father.
Bobby Ron's new friend.
Brian A ministry to homeless babies with AIDS.
Bubbles Ron's calves.
Chook Denver's cousin.
Daphene Deborah's twin.
Frank A delta tau delta hunk. Deborah's ex-boyfriend.
Freckles Ron's calves.
Gail Ron's ex-girlfriend.
Ginny James's mule.
Gretchen Deborah's sister.
Jill Scoot's date.
Kildee A black shoe-shine man.
Lana Ron's ex-girlfriend.
Mawmaw Ron's grandmother.
Pam The volunteer coordinator.
Patty A woman that Ron hired to manage his gallery.
Pawpaw Denver's grandfather.
Pearlie Denver's aunt.
Rita Ron's ex-girlfriend.
Tino One of the people in Union Gospel Mission.