Characters - Alphabetical
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Reginald Abernathy Arrested and book into the Whatcom County Jail. aka: Reggie.
Faye Adcock Kenny's wife.
Kenneth Adcock Former assistant chief of police.
Kenneth James Adcock Faye's son.
Brian Ainsworth Delilah's husband.
Delilah Ainsworth A homicide detective.
Dave Anderson A detective.
Merritt Auld An orthopedic surgeon.
Howard Baker A medical examiner.
Harry Ignatius Ball Mac's acquaintance.
Harlan Bates A warehouse owner.
Jonas P. Beaumont A cop in Seattle. aka: J.P. ; Beau.
Joanna Brady A sheriff.
Gail Buchanan One of Monica's roommates in the University of Washington.
Ted Bundy American serial killer.
Leonard Carabeo Among the 2
Jeff Cartwright Kelly's husband.
Kelly B. Cartwright Beau's daughter.
Howard Clark Amelia Dodd's husband.
Maxwell Cole A cub reporter.
Ross Connors Washington State attorney general.
Anne Corley Beau's second wife.
Sue Danielson A cop and former Beau's partner.
Leonard Douglas Davis A second lieutenant. aka: Lennie; Doug.
Taylor Derickson One of Seattle PD Homicide Detectives.
Amelia Dodd Frankie and Donnie's mother.
Donald Dodd One of the boys who saw Monica's dead body. aka: Donnie.
Frank Dodd One of the boys who saw Monica's dead body. aka: Frankie.
Daniel McCoy DonLeavy A former mayor in Seattle.
Mary Katherine Donnelly Principal of the Saint Peter and Paul Catholic School.
Katie Dunn Ross Connor's long-time secretary.
Richard Lynn Embrey Arrived in Vietnam 18 February 1968
Robert Nathan Fiesler Among the 2
Jerome Fisk Dodd's neighbor.
Lt. Gary Fowler One of Davis' acquaintances.
Barbara Galvin The Squad B's secretary.
Mr. Gleason A history teacher.
Hannah M. Greenwald Beau's aunt.
Milton Gurkey A detective. Beau's new partner.
Veronica Hamlin Bellingham's chief of police.
Todd Hatcher Beau's acquaintance
Father Hennessy An alcoholic priest with the ability to communicate with the dead.
Marge Herndon A retired nurse.
Bonnie Hill One of Seattle PD Homicide Detectives.
Lars Jenssen Beverly's husband.
Phil Kramer Larry Powell's successor.
Corporal Lara One of Davis' acquaintances.
David Larson A man who had seen the photo of the missing coed.
Chin Lee Owner of the Dragon's Head Restaurant.
Williard Wesley Lehmann One of the Bisbee's Vietnam dead.
Aspen Leonard Reggie's girlfriend.
Big Al Lindstrom One of Beau's partners.
Bonnie MacLean Lieutenant Davis' fiancé.
Rory MacPherson Beau's partner in patrol. aka: Mac.
Glenn Madden Currently in-charge of the Cacti reunions.
Sally Mathers Sally Mencken's daughter.
Rosemary Mellon Top of the list for Special Homicide's favorite M.E.
Hilda Mencken Hannah Mencken's mother.
Phil Molloy A man who ran the motor pool.
Hugo Monford King County Homicide detective.
Jackie Morse A nurse.
Bob Murray Beau's acquaintance.
Randy Olmstead Chief of police.
Manny Ortega A driver.
Heather Peters One of Ron's children.
Jared Peters Ron's son.
Ron Peters Assistant police chief.
Beverly Piedmont Beau's grandmother.
Lawrence Powell A detective. aka: Larry.
Sergeant Rayburn A police officer.
Father Rowan A local priest.
Calvin Russell Segor One of the Bisbee's Vietnam dead.
William L. Shirer American journalist and war correspondent.
Miss Simmons Frankie and Donnie's teacher.
Melissa Soames An investigator. Beau's wife. aka: Mel.
Gerald Spaulding A man who worked at the crime laboratory.
Todd Thornton A public information officer for the King County Sheriff's Dept.
Richard Allen Thursby A Vietnam War Era casualty on April 1
R. Tobin A photographer.
Tommy Topkins A police captain.
Alan Walsh One of the gun guys from Washington State Patrol Crime Lab.
Watty Watkins A detective.
Eugene Wellington Monica's father.
Hannah Wellington Monica's mother.
Monica Wellington The girl in the barrel.
Ida Witherspoon A physical therapist.
Evelyn Wood Beau's classmate who is a fast reader.
Amy Ron Peter's wife.
Blaine Doug's younger brother.
Bob A doorman.
Chrissie Scott's wife.
Crackerjack Bonnie's dog.
Frederick Hannah Mencken's father.
Hank Hannah Mencken's brother.
James Eugene and Hannah's son.
Joanie Larry Powell's second wife.
Karen Kelly's mother.
Kayla One of Kelly and Jeff's children.
Keith A nurse.
Kimberly One of Delilah's daughters.
Kristen One of Delilah's daughters.
Kyle One of Kelly and Jeff's children.
Laertes King of Ithaca.
Marcia Larry Powell's first wife.
Marianne A woman minister.
Melody Mac's wife.
Mike One of Corporal Lara's acquaintances.
Moe One of Corporal Lara's acquaintances.
Nelda Harlan's aunt.
Nora A nurse.
Roland Mac's son. aka: Rolly.
Scott Beau's son.
Steve Harlan's cousin.
Tracy One of Ron's children.
Vinny Beau's cousin.
Winston Kenneth James Adcock's lawyer.
Yvette Kenneth James Adcock's wife.