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Remy Hale
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   Part One
1  1962
 Philip H.KnightThe founder of Nike. Aka: Buck.
 MomHatfieldBuck's grandmother.
 PopHatfieldBuck's grandfather.
 GabrielHeatterAmerican radio commentator.
 Jeanne One of Buck's sisters.
 Joanna Jeanne's twin sister.
 Carter Buck's classmate.
 BernardCornfeldOne of the most famous businessman of the 1960's.
 EmperorMeijiFormer Emperor of Japan.
 GautamaBuddhaA philosopher.
 WillieMaysA baseball center fielder.
 Hirohito Former Emperor of Japan.
 Kihachiro OnitsukaFounder of one of the oldest shoe companies in Japan.
 KenMiyazakiOne of the group executives at Onitsuka company.
 Confucius Chinese philosopher.
 DouglasMacArthurAmerican five-star general.
 Alexander III  Known as Alexander the Great was the King of the ancient Greek.
 George S.PattonA general of the United States army.
 Hieronymus BoschDutch painter.
 LewisCarrollAn English writer.
 Muhammad A religious leader.
 Eleazar benAzariahThe first century rabbi.
 Rumi A Persian poet.
 Nero A Roman emperor.
 Michaelangelo An Italian sculptor.
 LeonardoDa VinciAn Italian polymath.
 MarcoPoloA Venetian merchant, explorer, and writer.
 RobertBrowningAn English poet and playwright.
 Jean-JacquesRoussseauA Genevan philosopher.
 Voltaire A French writer.
 F. ScottFitzgeraldAn American novelist, essayist, and short-story writer.
 Ernest MillerHemingwayAn American journalist, novelist, and short-story writer.
 John Dos PassosAn American novelist.
 AdolfHitlerA German politician and leader of the Nazi Party.
 JosephStalinFormer Premier of the Soviet Union.
 LeonTrotskyA Russian revolutionary, political theorist and politician.
 Josip Broz TitoFormer President of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
 CarlJungA Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst.
 SigmundGreudAn Austrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis.
 AmadeusMozartA prolific and influential composer of the Classical period.
 Ludwig vanBeethovenA German composer and pianist;
 WinstonChurchillFormer Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
 WilliamShakespeareAn English playwright, poet, and actor.
 Plato An Athenian philosopher .
2  1963
 DonFrisbeeServed as CEO of Pacific Power and Light.
 AlReserThe Chairman of the Board of Reser's Fine Foods.
 John F.Kennedy35th U.S. President.
3  1964
 BillBowermanAn American track and field coach and co-founder of Nike.
 BillKnightBuck's father.
 Lyndon B.Johnson36th U.S. President.
 JohnJaquaBowerman's lawyer.
 Mrs.JaquaJohn Jaqua's wife.
 LotaHatfieldBuck's mother.
 LesterSteersAn American track and field high jumper. Aka: Les.
 JackieEmoryBuck's best friend.
 ChuckCaleServed as a member of the board of directors of NIKE Inc.
 JeffJohnsonNike's first official employee, notable for many long-lasting efforts.
 DougHouserBuck's cousin.
 Mr.ManhassettA high school westling coach.
 Mr. MorimotoMr. Miyazaki's replacement.
 Sarah Buck's friend.
 BabePaleyAn American socialite.
 HermannHesseA German-Swiss poet.
4  1965
 HarryWhiteA senior U.S. Treasury department official.
 KenCurryBuck's first banker.
 BobWallaceKen's boss.
 Delbert J.HayesFormer Director at Nike, Inc.
 Vincentvan GoghA Dutch post-impressionist painter.
 BillDellingerA long-distance runner.
 HarryJeromeCanadian track and field sprinter and physical education teacher.
 Mrs.BowermanBill Bowerman's wife.
5  1966
 MarshalNeyA military commander.
 Stretch A baby octopus.
 Kitami Onitsuka's new manager.
6  1967
 JohnBorkA high school track and field coach in LA.
 Owen Johnson's father.
 GeoffHollisterGreatest track and field promo man. One of Nike's first employees.
 BobWoodell A former runner. One of Phil Knight's early hires at Nike.
 JimGrelleAn American middle-distance runner.
 AliMacGrawAn American actress.
7  1968
 CurlyLeclercPrice Waterhouse's boss.
 JulieChristieA British actress.
 Jeez Julie Christie's kid sister.
 Mr.TrujilloOne of Buck's students.
 Mr.PetersonOne of Buck's students.
 Mr.JamesonOne of Buck's students.
 PenelopeParksOne of Buck's students. Aka: Penny.
 Odysseus Legendary Greek king.
 Dot Penny's mother.
 Mame Buck's aunt.
 Fujimoto Kitami's acquaintance.
8  1969
 CarolynDavidsonA graphic artist.
 JohnCarlosAmerican track and field athlete and professional football player.
 TommieSmithAmerican football wide receiver.
 BillToomeyFormer American track and field competitor.
 KeithFormanA former runner of Oregon.
 Matthew Buck and Penny's son.
 MaWoodell Bob Woodell's mother.
9  1970
 StevePrefontaineAmerican long-distance runner. Aka: Pre.
 GerryLindgrenAmerican track and field runner.
 BernardCornfeldA prominent businessman and international financier. Aka: Bernie.
 CamMurakamiAn executive from Nissho Iwai.
10  1971
 HirakuIwanoKitami's personal assistant.
 TomSumeragiRuns the new General Commodities Department.
 ToshiroMifuniJapanese actor.
 MiyamotoMusashiJapanese philosopher.
 GeorgeWashington1st U.S. President.
 JohnAdams.2nd U.S. President.
 PaulRevereAn American silversmith, engraver.
 JohnHancockFormer President of the Continental Congress.
 JonasSenterA shoe dog.
 Sole Sr. Senter's protégé.
 ChuckRobinsonCEO of Marcona Mining.
 Sole Jr. Sole Sr.'s son.
 John RobertWoodenAn American basketball player and coach.
 Samuel T.ColeridgeAn English poet.
 Frank LloydWrightAn innovative American architect, designer.
 ThomasEdisonAn American inventor.
 NikolaTeslaA Serbian-American inventor.
 Daedalus A skillful architect, craftsman and artist.
11  1972
 GeoffPetrieAmerican basketball player.
 PhilJacksonAmerican former basketball player, coach, and exec. in the NBA.
 RichardNixon37th U.S. President.
 MaoZedongFormer Chairman of the People's Republic of China.
 DaveDavisFormer English professional ten-pin bowler.
 JimGormanRan for Bill Bowerman and worked for Nike.
 GeorgeYoungThe great Olympian.
 Jesse OwensAmerican track and field athlete.
 JamesDeanAmerican actor.
 MickJaggerEnglish singer,songwriter, actor, and film producer.
 MuhammadAliAmerican professional boxer.
 IlieNastaseRomanian tennis player. Aka: Nasty.
 Dominique Nastase's wife.
 JimShanleyAmerican football player.
 DickEnrightFormer American football player and coach.
 DanFoutsAmerican former professional football player.
 DonnyReynoldsA retired outfielder in Major League Baseball.
12  1973
 Lasse VirenA Finnish former long-distance runner.
 Lobo Pre's puppy.
 KenKeseyAmerican novelist.
 AnneCarisA young runner.
 ThomasJefferson3rd U.S. President.
 RobStrasserAn attorney on a critical lawsuit between Nike and Onitsuka.
 DickHarterAmerican basketball coach.
 DickEnrightFormer American football player and coach.
 PaulSilasAmerican basketball player.
 Travis Buck and Penny's second son.
13  1974
 WayneHilliardOnitsuka's head lawyer.
 BenedickArnoldAmerican-born senior officer of the British Army.
 JamesBurnsThe judge.
 BillGiampietroA shoe dog. Aka: Geppetto.
 PerryHollandWorked at Bank of California.
 JimmyConnorsAmerican tennis player.
14  1975
 ButchCassidyThe leader of a gang of criminal outlaws.
 ChioSuzukiWest Coast credit manager.
 TadayukiItoNike's Japanese guarantor & financier.
 CaroleFieldsThe head bookkeeper.
 JimmyStewartGiampietro's acquaintance.
 BillSheskyThe head of Bostonian shoes.
 BillManowitzThe head of Mano International.
   Part Two
15  1975
 FrankShorterAmerican former long-distance runner.
 EdCampbellBuck's acquaintance.
16  1976
 ChiangKai-shekFormer President of the Republic of China.
 C. H.WongA shoe dog.
 JerryHsiehBuck's acquaintance.
 JonasSenterA genuine head-to-toe shoe dog.
 Benjamin FranklinFounding Fathers of the United States.
 DickVan DykeAmerican actor.
 LucilleBallAmerican actress.
 GabeKaplanAmerican comedian.
 JessicaTandyAmerican-English actress.
 GeraldFord38th U.S. President.
 Craig StevenVirginAmerican distance runner.
 Garry BrianBjorklundAmerican middle- and long-distance runner.
 BillRodgersAmerican former runner, Olympian.
 DennisVixieA local podiatrist.
 DennyStricklandAdvertising creative director.
17  1977
 M. FrankRudyAn aeronautical engineer.
 BobBogertM. Frank's business partner.
 ElvinHayesAmerican basketball player.
 SonnyVacarroA shoe inventor.
 EddieSuttonAmerican basketball coach.
 AbeLemonsAmerican basketball player.
 JerryTarkanianAmerican basketball coach.
 FrankMcGuireAmerican basketball coach.
 WiltChamberlainAmerican basketball player.
 JimValvanoAmerican basketball player.
 JohnThompsonAssistant coach for the U.S men's national basketball team.
 VinceDooleyFootball coach.
 HerschelWalkerAmerican former professional football player.
 LuteOlsonAmerican basketball coach.
 EliotTeltscherAmerican tennis player.
 Gottfriedvon CrammTennis player.
 JohnMcEnroeAmerican tennis player.
 FarrahFawcettAmerican actress.
 JohnBrownCEO of the new ad agency.
 HenryKissingerFormer United States Secretary of State.
 JimmyCarter.39th U.S. President.
 NormNixonAmerican basketball player.
 KevinKunnertAmerican basketball player.
 KermitWashingtonAmerican basketball player.
 RudyTomjanovichAmerican basketball player.
18  1978
 RichardWerschkulA lawyer. Strasses' friend.
 StephenKingHayes' acquaintance.
 RonNelsonAn accountant.
 MarcelProustFrench novelist.
 LeoTolstoyRussian writer.
 PatrickHenryFormer Governor of Virginia.
19  1979
 Mark O.HatfieldOregon's senator.
 BobPackwoodChairman of the Senate Finance committee.
 WalterKissingerHenry Kissinger's brother.
 David ChangAn emissary.
 RalphLaurenThe founder of the Ralph Lauren Corporation.
 LauraAshleyFounder of the British textile design company.
 JimMannsBuck's new CFO.
20  1980
 SoongChing-LingChinese Political figure.
 Confucius Chinese philosopher and politician.
 MarcoPoloVenetian merchant, explorer, and writer.
 LeighSteinbergAmerican sports agent.
Epi  Night
 JackNicholsonAmerican actor and filmmaker.
 MorganFreemanAmerican actor, director and narrator.
 KenKeseyAmerican novelist.
 BillGatesAmerican business magnate.
 WarrenBuffettAmerican investor, business tycoon and philanthropist.
 BumpKnightBuck's grandfather.
 Joan BenoitSamuelsonAmerican Senior Grand Masters marathon runner
 KenGriffy Jr.Baseball outfielder.
 MiaHammAmerican soccer player.
 TigerWoodsAmerican professional golfer.
 DanFoutsAmerican football player.
 JerryRiceAmerican football wide receiver.
 JordanLoveAmerican football quarterback.
 MichaelJordanAmerican professional basketball player.
 KobeBryantAmerican professional basketball player.
 LeBronJames Sr.American professional basketball player.
 PeteSamprasAmerican tennis player.
 AndreAgassiAmerican professional tennis player.
 BobJacksonAmerican professional baseball player.
 Earl Tiger's father.
 Britney Buck's niece.
 AlbertoSalazarAmerican track coach.
 ArnoldPalmerAmerican professional golfer.
 GalenRuppAmerican long-distance runner.
 MichaelJohnsonAmerican Olympic athlete.
 JohnThompsonAmerican basketball coach.
 Avery Strasses' daughter.
 VoNguyen GiapAn army general in the Vietnam.
 MasuroHayamiNissho's former CEO.
 Dan Woodell's son.
 Johnson Woodell's old antagonist.
 RobertFrostAmerican poet.
 AynRandRussian-American writer and philosopher.
 Donald T.SterlingAmerican attorney and businessman.
 MagicJohnsonAmerican basketball player.
 RyanLeafFormer American football player.
 PeytonManningAmerican football quarterback.
 JoePaternoAmerican football player.
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