Characters - Alphabetical
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CherryAmesAn acquaintance of Freda's from the Vanbrugh Dance School, now in a play at the Palace Theater
FreddieBassettHead barman at the Amethyst
PamelaBerowneFriend of Ramsay Coker
LennyBirdwhistleFreda's mother's boyfriend, aka Lenny
Mrs.BodleyOwner/manager of the Warrender, a rooming house where Gwendolen stays in London
GertieBridgesA prostitute
WilhelminaCarterMrs. Taylor's missing daughter, aka Minnie
WilliamCobbPolice constable at Bow Street
BettyCokerNellie's second daughter, Cambridge grad, bookkeeper/accountant, took Nellie's place while she was jailed
EdithCokerNellie's eldest daughter,
KittyCokerNellie's fourth daughter, 11 years old in 1926
NellieCokerNightclub owner just released from prison, aka "Ma," aka Queen of Clubs
NivenCokerNellie's first son, WWI veteran, has many business interests
RamsayCokerNellie's second son, 21 in 1926, aspiring writer
ShirleyCokerNellie's third daughter, Cambridge grad
Mrs.DarlingOwner of the boarding house in London Freda & Florence found
LucaFrazziniLeader of a gang of hooligans
JohnFrobisherDetective Inspector of Scotland Yard, on loan to Bow Street police station
LottieFrobisherDCI Frobisher's wife, Charlotte
BinnieHaleBritish stage actress
FlorenceIngramFriend of Freda from the dance school whom she persuaded to go with her to London
Mr.IngramFlorence's father
RuthIngramFlorence's mother
Mr.JenkinsonThe Kelling family lawyer
GwendolynKellingFrobisher's civilian subordinate, librarian at the Clifford Street library
Mr.LionelEmployee at the Adelphi Theater
ArthurMaddoxDetective Sergeant, Bow Street cop who protected the dance hall
AlfredaMurgatroyd14-year-old runaway from York, aspiring actress, aka Freda
CissyMurgatroydFreda's older half-sister, married, close friend of Gwendolen
GladysMurgatroydFreda's mother
ThomasNobleThe man who swindled Gwendolen's mother out of all the family's money
SergeantOakesBow Street officer, aka The Laughing Policeman
Mr.PollockHead Librarian at the Clifford Street Library
VivianQuinnAuthor of the Society Paragraphist newspaper column, pretentious acquaintance of Ramsay
MissRogersonGwendolen's assistant librarian colleagues at the Clifford Street Library
MissShawGwendolen's assistant librarian colleagues at the Clifford Street Library
AdaSherbourneOwner & dance instructor at the Vanbrugh Academy of Dance in London where Freda & Florence enrolled
Mr.SneddonManager at the bank Nellie uses
JoeSpiteriBurglar, changed his name to Azzopardi
MissTateGwendolen's assistant librarian colleagues at the Clifford Street Library
HaroldTaylorMrs. Taylor's 2nd husband
Mrs.TaylorWoman from Colchester whose daughter ran away
OwenVarleyDisreputable manager of the Adelphi Theater
 WebbPolice doctor
MissYoungSecretary at the Adelphi Theater
Adele Modeling friend of Freda, leader of the group
Agnes Nellie's former cellmate in Holloway Prison, Phyllis' aunt
Aldo The gang member who was shot in the fracas at the Amethyst Club
Amethyst Nellie Coker's premier nightclub, aka Deck of Cards
Azzopardi Crook who wants to take over Nellie's clubs
Bertha Food preparer at the Pixie Club
Dickie Gwendolen's brothers, died in WWI
Duncan Modeling friend of Freda, former sailor
Emin Niven's Turkish barber
Gerrit Dutch head barman at the Sphinx club, Ramsay's domain, gives Ramsay cocaine injections
Harry Gwendolen's brothers, died in WWI
Hawker Nellie's chauffeur
Herbert Blind cornetist that Gwendoyn helped, aka Bert
Jaeger Nellie's first business partner, dance hall co-owner
Joan Vanda's friend & neighbor in London
John Bull London magazine
Keeper Niven's German shepherd
Landor A mysterious Hungarian gentleman
Linwood Doorman at the Amethyst, former royal butler
Maud Phantom that Nellie sees in the club
Moulin Vert Nellie's first nightclub, "The Green Mill"
Phyllis The Coker's scullery maid
Pierrot Frobisher's dog
Pixie, Foxhole, Sphinx, Crystal Cup  Nellie's other nightclubs
Templeton Manager at The Crystal Cup club
Vanda Modeling friend of Freda
Webb The police doctor at the Bow Street mortuary
Wilfred Cissy's husband, a civil engineer