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AUTHOR: Stephen Edger
Stephen Edger

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Every parent’s worst nightmare: seven year-old Natalie Barrett is abducted while walking home from school. The police begin a desperate hunt to find her before it is too late. They fear the worst when a body is located near a golf course. Sarah Jenson is Natalie’s teacher. When one of the detectives on the case is suddenly killed, Sarah believes the events may be linked and begins to search for answers. Where were Natalie’s parents when they should have been collecting her? Why was Natalie so scared of her Uncle Jimmy? Abduction, terror, suspense and sorrow: SNATCHED is a breath-taking crime thriller and Amazon Bestseller.

Characters: 41. Amazon rating: 4 stars. Genre: Thriller.




CH9   MapFortuneswell.
    HM Prison The Verne.
14   MapDibden.
33   Hythe Marina.

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