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Jaimie Roberts

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Devon Jackson is smug and arrogant. He’s also CEO at Worldwide Airways, and I’m the lucky one who lands a job as his PA—a job I soon learn to regret taking. I do absolutely everything for him, from organizing his appointments to picking up condoms for him every Friday afternoon. Why do I put up with it? Because, despite it all, I am obsessed with him and have been since I was fifteen. He treats me like dirt, yet I still come back for more. To him, I’m untouchable. And I put up with it…for a while. Once I put my foot down, the dynamic changes. And it is at that moment I find out how he really feels. In fact, I find out so much more than I bargain for. Not only is Devon host to some serious demons, but he also holds a very big, dark secret. A secret that could destroy our relationship before it gets a chance to begin.

Characters: 46. Amazon rating: 4 stars. Genre: Fiction.




CH1   Chelsea, London.
4   Palace of Westminister.
9   ListenShape of You - Ed Sheeran on YouTube.
15   Intrepid Museum.

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