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Characters By Chapter
Ry Smith
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1   Charlie   St. Clair   aka: Charlotte.
    Rose   Fournier   Charlie's French cousin.
    Maman   St. Clair   Charlie's mother.
    Evelyn   Gardiner   1/2 French. Stutters. aka: Eve.
    Rene'   Bordelou   Le Lethe restaurant owner in Limoges and Lille.
2   Sir Francis   Galborough   Lawyer.
    Captain   Cameron   Galborough's client. A spy master. aka: Uncle Eduard.
    Miss   Gregson   Works in law office.
3   Finn   Kilgore   Works for Evelyn. Former convict.
            Chepstow is a town in Monmouthshire, Wales.
4   Major George   Allenton   Spy training director.
    Marguerite   Le Francois   Evelyn's spy name.
5   James   St. Clair   Charlie's brother.
6   Alice   Dubois   Lead spy in France. aka: Lili.
    Violette   Lameron   A spy in France. Works with Eve.
7   Tante   Jeanue   Evelyn's aunt in Rouen.
    Etienne       Rose's boyfriend.
8           Salope is a woman of ill repute.
            Tais-Toi means "be quiet" or "shut up".
            Enceinte - an enclosure. Pregnant.
14   Christine       Waitress.
16   Antoine       Bookseller and forger.
    Francois   Poncean   Waitress.
17   Donald   McGowan   Charlie's made-up husband.
18   General   Rupprecht   Crown Prince of Bavaria and a German General.
    Louise   de Bettignies   Lily's real name.
    Princess   Elvira   General Rupprecht's cousin.
23   Madame   Rouffanche   Old lady in Oradour-Sur-Glane.
    Helene   Joubart   Rose's name in Oradour-Sur-Glane.
24   Edith   Cavell   Resistance fighter killed by Germans in 1915.
26   Herr   Rotselaer   Chief of Police in Tournai.
    Leon   Tralin   Arrested spy - 19 years old.
32   Leonie   van Houtte   Violette's real name.
34   Madame   Blankaert   A fellow prisoner at Siegburg.
            "Braw" morning (Scotish) = "Fine" morning (English).
            Ta gueule means shut up.
37   Rene'   Gautier   aka: Rene' Bordelou.