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Kate Quinn
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“This fast-paced story offers courageous heroines, villains you love to hate, and dramatic life-or-death stakes. A compelling blend of historical fiction, mystery, and women’s fiction, Quinn’s complex story and engaging characters have something to offer just about everyone.” - Library Journal.

Characters: 31. Amazon rating: 4 ½ stars. Genre: Historical Fiction.

Discussion Questions: The Alice Network

Discussion Questions: General

CH1     Bennington College.
      The Dolphin Hotel, Southampton, England.
      Gauloises cigarettes.
4     Lugar pistol 9mm, PO8.
      MapRoubaix, France.
8     Lille, France.
16     Danae painting by Klimt.
18     Fokker Eindecker Aircraft.
21     Limoges, France.
      Poiret Designer dresses.
23     Oradour-Sur-Glane, France.
32     Siegburg Prison.
34     Grasse, France.
35     Isere River at Grenoble, France.
45     1946 Bentley Mark VI.
      ListenTo Edith Piaf sing Mon Legionnaire.
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